Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra Threatens Neel

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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Neel returns home with Kaju and learns about Pari going missing. He asks family why didn’t they inform him about it. Bhoomi says even they didn’t inform family about their plans. Neel asks what does she mean. Bhoomi says Kaju lied that she is going to visit her ill mother and went for paghphera rituals instead. Neel warns her to mind her tongue and blame him instead as he lied and took Kaju for the ritual. Bhoomi says he is advocating Kaju a lot like her puppet. Neel warns her to stop. Kaju assures family that they will inform them before going out.

Neel gets Pavitra’s call and goes aside to talk to her. Heavily inebriated Pavitra says she saw his cozy pic with his servant Kaju and her heart broke like a bottle of liquor. She threatens to burn herself if he doesn’t reach her. Neel with Kaju rushes to Pavitra’s house. Pavitra threatens him again to kill herself if he doesn’t stay with her and accept her love. Neel agrees and asks her to give her light. Pavitra slips and lighter falls on the liquor on floor and catches fire. Pavitra panics. Neel asks her to stay right there and jumps to her. Kaju throws blanket towards Neel. Neel wraps blanket around Pavitra, gets her out of house, and rushes her to a hospital.

Dev and Pari pack their bags for their honeymoon trip. Pari feels super excited for the trip. Nimrit walks in and asks if they are going somewhere. Dev hesitates. Pari shouts they are going on a honeymoon trip. Nimrit asks Dev if his work will not suffer. Dev shows his laptop bag and says he is carrying his work to the trip.

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Neel and Kaju admit Pavitra to a hospital. Kaju recalls Pavitra’s warning and asks Neel to stay with Pavitra. Neel refuses and says Pavitra’s parents are out of town and will return soon, till then Pavitra will be taken care of in a hospital. Chavi calls Bhoomi and informs that Pallavi snatched her boyfriend Surya and married him, Kaju is Surya’s daughter. Bhoomi says she failed to provoke Khurana family against Kaju as Neel protected Kaju. She walks down where Nutan asks her to manage Ganesh Chaturti festival arrangments.

Bhoomi says she should give this task to her younger bahu Kajal. Dhruv asks if she wants to escape responsibility or if she is jealous of her sister. Nutan and Soniya are shocked to know that Kaju is Bhoomi’s cousin and ask why didn’t she inform them about it. Kaju returns and says they didn’t know about it as their mothers hid this truth for some reason. Bhoomi leaves to her room. Kaju walks to her and tries to calm her down, but Bhoomi continues her rude behavior and challenges to make her life a hell.

Precap: Bhoomi provokes Soniya to make Kaju prepare pooja prasad. Soniya gives responsibility to Kaju. Bhoomi mixes something in prasad.