Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein… Nayi kahani naya safar (Part 21)

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The moment Ashwini left….Barkha told that she would never let Sai go back to Virat or his family as they don’t deserve a girl like Sai. She went inside the house and walked to her room thinking of something. Meanwhile Arjun had called Sai to the beach as he wanted to confess something to her. Sai agreed and went to the beach . Arjun met Sai at the beach where he asked her about her studies and internship and he didn’t want to beat around the bush so he he held her hands and said that he liked her a lot and somewhere his feelings for her had started growing day by day.  He knew she had a past and also told that he would always be by her side no matter what whether she accepts him or moves on with someone else  . Sai felt numb hearing the confession….She had started liking Arjun to some extent because of his behaviour of respecting others and not forcing himself.

She was confused as for a moment all her past with Virat flooded her mind and clouded her thinking this created a sort of pressure on her mind and she fell unconscious.  Arjun caught her in the nick of time  and quickly took her to his car and put her on the backseat.  He quickly splashed water on her face and got coconut water for her. Sai regained consciousness and noticed the worry on his face as he quickly examined her and made sure that she was feeling Better.  Sai too confessed that she liked him but she needed time as her feelings had just started budding for him. Arjun smiled and then drove to Sai’s place  . At night Sai kept thinking about the epside that happened in the beach and the way Arjun took care of her and live he had for her clearly reflected in his eyes. She then started feeling suffocated with the memories of Virat and went to the garden to feel better.

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Barkha and Usha too weren’t able to sleep due to the day’s events .

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