Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Learns A Startling Truth


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ishan calls police. Inspector asks him if this is the girl. Savi asks if he called police for her. Family gathers and asks Ishan what is happening. Ishan asks inspector to arrest Savi for trespassing into his house and not leave her until she promises that he will never come here again. Savi in shock asks why did he say that he would accompany her to hospital to meet Isha. Ishan says she told he is inhuman and asks inspector to take her away. Inspector drags Savi away. Yashwant asks what is happening. Ishan says Savi wanted him to meet Isha and accused him that he demanded money from Isha. Surekha stands tensed. At police station, Savi tells inspector that she stayed at Bhosale house for 3 days and hence she knows where the doors and windows are, she just went there to confront Ishan and take him to his mother Isha. She convinces inspector to let her go as her Isha madam is alone. Inspector warns her not to visit Bhosale house again and lets her go.

Isha refuses to have medicine from nurse until Savi returns. Nurse asks if she is a nurse or Savi and orders her to have medicine silently. Savi returns and serves medicine to Isha. Isha asks if she did something. Savi says she went to Ishan’s house to confront him for demanding Isha’s treatment fee back, but he said he didn’t. Isha asks where was she till now. Savi says Ishan got her arrested for trespassing into his house. Isha recalls Surekha manipulating her over phone and says now she realized who did all this. Savi asks who? Isha says forget it, she is happy that her son doesn’t hate her that much.

Inspector interrogates Mandar and showing him goon’s pic asks if he knows this man. Mandar at first says no and then says yes and asks why did he brought him here. Inspector says there is a proof that he hired this goon to attack Isha, he has transferred money to this goon from his account. Mandar accepts that he hired goon to kill Isha as his son’s marriage was canceled because of Isha and the girl eloped, his son went into depression because of this, even Chavan family is humiliated because of this, and Savi’s brother and Bhavani’s grandson Vinayak Chavan is also involved in this crime.

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Doctor informs Isha that she is recovering well and can be discharged tomorrow. Isha asks Savi to hire a taxi for her for Ramtek. Savi requests her to stay back in Pune until she gets completely well, they will rent a house. Isha refuses. Harini walks in and says Savi is right. Savi gets happy seeing her and hugs her. Isha says let Harini meet her. Harini says she is happy to see her recovering and was worried for her. She insists to accept Savi’s request. Isha agrees. Savi gets more happy. Harini says she can’t do much for Isha but will send her food regularly. Isha thanks her and Harini leaves.

Inspector visits Isha and informs her that Mandar Latkar is a mastermind behind her attack. Savi is shocked and insists to meet Mandar to know the reason behind the attack. She reaches police station and convinces inspector to let her meet Mandar. She meets Mandar and confronts him for attacking Isha. Mandar says her own family hates her and Isha, her brother Vinayak supported him in all this and hired a goon. Savi is shocked and says it’s impossible. Mandar says she will know when Vinayak and Samrudh come to bail him out. Savi walks out shattered. She notices Vinayak with Samrudh and calls him by name.

Precap: Durva and Anvi inform Surekha that Ishan’s birthday is on 11th September and they want to plan something special.
Savi tells Isha that she is taking her somewhere where she will get well soon. She visits Bhosales and tells Ishan that she wants to talk to his whole family.