Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Surekha asks Ishan if Isha met him. Ishan says yes; she had come with her students and bumped on her by mistake. Rao Saheb says he knew Ishan would not speak to her. Ishan says she wanted to know how he is, but he sternly refused to identify her. Surekha says he did right, that is why she didn’t want to send him there but let him go as it was an important meeting for him. Shantanu asks if Isha asked about him. Rao Saheb asks if he wants her to talk about him. Ishan says he didn’t identify her at all or else she would have asked about Shantanu and family. Rao Saheb says he lost his appetite hearing Isha’s name. Surekha says she heard Isha’s parents also died, she ruined her own household and now should comfort herself with other’s kids.

Nishikanth says then Shantanu should reconcile with Isha and bring her back home. Ishan says if Shantanu wants to bring Isha home, he should inform him beforehand to let him shift somewhere; he will not let that woman reenter in his life. Rao Saheb says he will not let that women enter his house. Surekha says Shantanu will not do anything like that. Shantanu says Isha will break down but not compromise on her self-respect; she got emotional seeing her son today or else she will never speak to anyone of us. Ishan laves. Isha pens a note for Ishan expressing how much he loves her son and hopes a day would come when their misunderstandings clear and they reunite.

Bhavani cries looking at Virat’s photo and apologizes for punishing Savi today. She says Sai never valued family and wanted to stay alone, but she will make sure Savi has a family and would do anything fo Savi’s better future. Savi thinks Bhavani will never understand her. She recalls Savi fixing a broken house model and fixes her trophy. She thinks she will not accept defeat at all and will study further for sure. Ashwini asks Savi to bring breakfast for Ninad. Harini notices all the snacks from kitchen missing. Ninad finds his news papers missing. Bhavani searches for her specs and tells family that she will visit boy’s family and apologizes them to for yesterday’s issue and requests them to come and see Savi again.

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Shantanu is busy gardening when he notices Ishan walking out of house. He stops Ishan and asks if he is going for trekking. Ishan rudely says why does he ask when he knows already and walks away. Shantanu feels sad. He notices Riva standing behind and feels more sad. Ishan runs during trek and takes a tough route. His college student asks him not to take that risky route. Ishan ignores him and continues to run. Riva joins him and tries to cheer him up. Bhavani opens Savi’s room door and notices all the missing stuff there. She thinks how did Savi get out the room with a locked door and notices window rod bent. Savi asks if she is searching her specs. Bhavani says she is disobedient like her mother and not like her father who used to only her always. Savi returns her specs and walking stick and tries to cheer her up. Bhavani walks away saying she will meet the boy’s family and invite them home tomorrow.

Precap: Bhavani introduces Savi to boy’s family. Boy’s mother asks her walk, smile, sing. Savi says she knows to dance and dances on Chikni Chameli song. Everyone are shocked to see her dance.