Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi’s Misunderstanding


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Surekha calls Ishan and says inspector must have called him for some important work, so he should go. Ishan asks if she is sure. Surekha says yes. Ishan leaves. Asmita serves tea to Nishikanth and informs him that Isha is fine now and will be discharged soon, so shall they bring her home instead of letting her return to Ramtek. Surekha walks in. Nishi gets tensed seeing her and says no. Asmita asks what will he say when Shantanu returns. Nishi says Surekha is here. Asmita gets tensed. Surekha says she can see that they want to serve someone.

Savi asks Isha why she is upset and giving this cheque. Isha says someone counted the favors done on her and wanted money on her treatment back. Savi asks if Ishan asked her money. Isha asks her to leave her alone for some time. Savi walks out with cheque. Ishan walks in. Savi offers him cheque and tongue lashes him for being so materialistic. Ishan in shock ask when did he ask cheque. Savi continues to confront him and leaves. Ishan passes by inspector. Inspector says he wants to talk to him regarding his aayi/mother. Ishan shouts he doesn’t have any mother and is not interested in listening to anyone’s story. He walks away storming. Savi returns to Isha and says she gave cheque to Isha. Isha says she has an ill fate that her dear ones don’t love her and asks her to forget this issue.

Surekha asks Asmita to tell Yashwant that she wants to bring Isha here until Isha gets well. Asmita stands tensed. Surekha says Asmita is right in a sense. Ishan walks in and says he will not let that woman enter this house. He informs that he had gone to meet Isha, but without meeting him, she sent him a cheque. Yashwant says that woman is so arrogant, he shouldn’t have gone there. Ishan says that woman is no one to him and walks away. Doctor informs Savi that Isha is refusing to have food and it would be difficult for them to treat her if she gets weak. Ishan bandages Surekha’s wound and asks if it’s paining. Surekha says pain in the heart is more severe than the pain in the body and says she shouldn’t have sent him there to get humiliated by Isha, says blood relationship is more stronger than the relationship of heart and hence she knows he will accept Isha as mother soon Ishan says that woman did wrong by offering cheque, Surekha is his mother and will always be. He hugs her.

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Ishan passes by the corridor and hears a sound from the window. He notices Savi entering in via window and asks what is she doing here. Savi confronts him for seeking treatment money from his mother. Ishan says he didn’t ask money, that arrogant woman herself gave money. Savi asks him not to lie. Ishan says he really didn’t. Savi says there is some confusion, she will call Isha and confirm it. Ishan says why call, he will accompany her to hospital. Savi says let’s go. He opens main door and finds police standing.

Precap: Durva and Anvi inform Surekha that Ishan’s birthday is on 11th September and they want to plan something special.
Savi tells Isha that she is taking her somewhere where she will get well soon.
She visits Bhosales and tells Ishan that she wants to talk to his whole family.