Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Surekha’s Insecurity


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Inspector asks Isha what is her student’s name. Isha says she can’t inform him student’s name and involve her in all this. Inspector asks her to rest, soon the culprit would be caught. He walks out. Savi asks if Isha said something. Inspector says not clearly and asks where is she from. Savi says they are from Nagpur, but living in Ramtek since 14 years. Inspector gets suspicious. At Bhosale house, Surekha, Yashwant, and Nishikant fume that Isha didn’t die. Nishi notices Asmita and asks her to tell some details. Asmita says she doesn’t know anything, Ishan was already present there when she went there. Surekha angrily says Ishan was already there serving Isha. Ishan returns home. Surekha walks behind him. Yashwant says Surekha is angry today and asks Asmita to establish Devi Gowri’s idol at the college today. Asmit nods. Yashwant tells Nishi that he will handle everything.

Savi feeds food and medicine to Isha. Isha starts thinking. Savi asks what is she thinking. Isha says in one moment a goon shot her and escape and she lost consciousness and when she woke up, she found herself here. Savi says her son Ishan brought her here and describes the whole incident. Isha emotionally asks if Ishan saved her life. Savi says yes, she will thank Bappa for getting out Ishan’s love for his mother and prays Bappa to reunite them soon. Yashwant notices Surekha tensed and asks reason. Surekha says Isha was dead, but Ishan’s touch got her back to life. Asmita tells same to Nishi and this really happened. Surekha says Ishan was about to call Isha as aayi/mother, she stopped him. She says how is it possible that a child whom she took care of like a mother wants to call Isha as mother. Asmita tells Nishi that Ishan and Isha are connected by soul and hence Ishan got back to life with Ishan’s touch. Nishi thinks Isha escaped death and will trouble them with her report.

Surekha tells Yashwant that only she is Ishan’s mother and not Isha, she will not accept defeat at any cost. Yashwant says she can do whatever she wants to, but Ishan shouldn’t be troubled in all this. Surekha thinks when a wrong stitch comes undone, cloth tends to tear a bit. Ishan recalls calling Isha as aayi, Savi requesting him to call Isha as aayi, and Isha getting back to life wit his touch. He cries looking at Isha’s blood on divorce papers. Next day, Maa Gowri is established in college. Panditji says Bappa is incomplete without his mother maa Gowri. Ishan recalls Isha. Savi prays Bappa Isha has become her mother but herself is deprived of her son’s love, Bappa should unite a mother and son.

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Ishan informs Surekha that he needs to visit hospital as inspector called him there. Surekha says he can go and thinks she is his mother and not Isha. She purposefully steps on a broken glass and injures herself to gain Ishan’s attention. Ishan rushes to her and first-aids her. Yashwant says she should be careful. Surekha says she is fine and asks Ishan to go to hospital. Ishan says he can’t go seeing her in this condition and will inform inspector that he can’t visit hospital. Savi returns to Isha. Doctor checks Isha and says they will start her physiotherapy soon. Isha asks when can she be discharged. Doctor asks her to get well first. Savi asks Isha to stay back in Pune, they will rent a house and she will take care of him until she gets ready. Isha says she is behaving like her mother. Savi says she will become her mother again once she gets well.

Nurse asks Savi to get Isha’s medicine. Savi asks Isha to rest and not pick phone till she returns. Isha says okay my mother. Savi gets emotional recalling Sai telling her same. She goes out. Surekha calls her and asks how is she and if she will return to Ramtek after discharge. Isha says Bhosales are eager to send her back to Ramtek. Surekha says Ishan paid her hospital bills amounting to 3 lakhs, they don’t care about money and she is just informing her. Isha says she doesn’t keep anyone’s favor and will repay the dues before leaving. She gets upset, calls Savi, and asks her to give her cheque book from her purse. Savi gives her purse and asks what happened. Isha says she doesn’t want anyone’s favor. Surekha thinks she pinched Isha’s paining
nerve, working women are egoistic and can’t bear a hurt on their self-respect.

Precap: Ishan notices someone entering house via window at midnight. Savi jumps on him. He asks what is she doing at this time.
Savi says he shall be punished for his crime. Ishan gets her arrested instead.