Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s emotional Breakdown


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhavani returns home from market and tells Harini he got juice from market as the boy’s family will like it. She asks Ashwini if the snacks are ready. Ashwini says Savi herself prepared snacks. Bhavani says Shantabai asked her to make sure Savi behaves well in front of the boy’s family, so she will go and speak to Savi. Ashwini says she will speak to Savi as Savi will argue with Bhavani and get angry, so Bhavani can rest till the boy’s family comes. Bhavani says she can’t rest until Savi is married and goes to her room. Harini informs Ashwini that Savi is not at home and has gone to Pune for a debate competition. Ashwini gets tensed.

In the auditorium, Savi waits for competition result announcement and thinks Ishan Bhosale will never let her win. Isha emotionally stares at Ishan. Savi asks why she is staring at Ishan. Isha says she is looking at the stage. Ishan also looks emotional.
Host announces Savi as the debate competition’s winner. Savi jumps in happiness and hugs Isha. Ishan stands Host asks Isha to come on stage and receive trophy. Savi walks on stage and receives trophy and certificate from Ishan. Host says she spoke a lot today and should speak a few words more after her victory. Savi thanks Isha for her support and encouragement and her parents for being her inspiration. Host then asks Ishan to speak a few words. Ishan describes what a man and woman means, how both parents are important for a child, how a child loves both parents but expresses feelings to one parent more, a woman’s responsibility towards society and her children, and finally says a woman won’t be a woman if she runs away from responsibilities and is called an escapist/deserter.

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Ishan leaves stage with teary eyes. Savi shows her trophy to Isha. Isha ignores her and runs behind Ishan. She stops Ishan and emotionally asks how is she. Ishan calls her mam and asks who is she. Isha says she is his mother. He says he doesn’t have any mother and asks if she wants to check if he is alive and fine after she left him as a child. Isha requests him not to say that. Ishan asks her not to trouble her when he is not troubling her and leaves. Isha runs behind him again and slips. Savi hold him and asks if she is fine. Isha ignores her again and runs behind Ishan. Ishan drives his car away and escapes an accident lost in thoughts. He breaks down.

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