Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Determined To Get Bhosales Punished


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Savi tells inspector that Bhosales got Isha attacked to get rid of her out of their way. Ishan gets angry and says this is not a college debate competition to talk rubbish, so she should stop her nonsense. Inspector asks Savi to speak. Savi says Bhosales were having problems with Isha since she came here for inspection due their old issues. Yashwant says nobody gets someone attacked due to personal issues. Surekha says Savi and Isha are very close and Savi is upset with Isha’s condition. Ishan says its illegal to accuse someone without any proof. Savi says she has a proof, gets a file out, and gives inspector a report Isha wrote about Bhosale institute. Inspector asks Yashwant what he wants to say about it. Yashwant says he doesn’t know anything about this report.

Nishikanth says Isha hates them so much that she wrote a false report against them. Savi says her Isha madam never lies and doesn’t mix personal and professional life. Ishan warns her to stop talking rubbish as Isha wrote a false. Savi says he saw Isha in a pool of blood, then he can’t accuse Isha. She says she came here to show the proof, let the judge punish the culprits. Inspector asks Yashwant to accompany him to police station. Yashwant frightens him that he is commissioner’s friend and met inspector during commissioner’s party while he was performing duty. Inspector says he was performing duty then and even now. Ishan says he will go with inspector. Inspector says he will question Ishan first and then will call others for questioning if needed.

Nishikant calls his goon and scolds him for shooting Isha in the college premises while he ordered her to just frightened here. Goon says he was waiting outside the college with his aides, but someone else shot Isha and escaped. Nishi laughs thinking Isha has many enemies and someone else did their job. Yashwant gathers money in bags. Surekha asks if situation is so bad. Yashwant says very bad, he has to shut education department, and others’ mouth with money. Surekha asks if they will be in trouble. Yashwant says since Savi gave proof to inspector, situation is really bad; he is worried of Ishan now as he doesn’t know how Ishan will react after reading the report. Surekha blames Isha for entering their lives again and manipulating Ishan, she fears Ishan will go away from their lives. Yashwant assures her that Ishan will not go away from them.

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Savi holds Isha’s hand and cries that she is punished for her loyalty. She promises to get the culprits punished and pleads her to get well soon as she can’t lose her. At the police station, Ishan reads report. Inspector says he must have got Isha attacked as she exposed his college’s irregularities. Ishan says why would he get Isha attacked for this report which education department will never accept, he doesn’t have any information about this report, and Isha must have made this false report to take revenge from them due to old rivalry. Inspector says Isha made a report due to rivalry and he got her attacked to stop her from submitting report. Ishan says why would he get her attacked when he himself took her to hospital and donated his blood.
Inspector says he can’t understand his concern and hatred for Isha, he can’t go from here until he gives a convincing answer. Ishan says he is telling truth.

Savi visits college. He friends asks who is with Isha madam then. Savi says Shukla is with Isha madam, inspector asked her to come here and help him gather evidence to catch culprits. Inspector walks in with is team and asks Savi to give any information she knows. Ayush walks to Savi and says he heard Isha’s life is in danger. Savi asks him to inform details about the attacker who asked him about Isha. Ayush says he wanted to know about Isha from Ramtek. Navya also says same. Inspector asks constable to take everyone’s statement. Savi gets a call from hospital that Isha’s condition is worsening.

Precap: Ishan notices someone entering house via window at midnight. Savi jumps on him. He asks what is she doing at this time.
Savi says he shall be punished for his crime. Ishan gets her arrested instead.