Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Gets Admission With Isha’s Help


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Isha asks Savi to question Mr Ishan Bhosale why didn’t he give her admission even after clearing the interview. She herself questions why he took so many tests and didn’t give admission yet. Nishikanth says Savi didn’t pay college fees yet. Isha says Savi won this college’s scholarship with her capability, can’t she get a day’s time to pay the fees. She asks Yashwant if his college is short of money that he threatened a girl for fees, don’t they teach humanity in their college. Yashwanth says she doesn’t have teach them what to teach. Isha says Yashwanth loves dictatorship. Shantanu tells Isha that there is no use of talking all this, she can get Savi’s admission and go from here, he will pay the fees. Isha says she will pay Savi’s fees as Savi is his responsibility; she just wanted to question their atrocities. Ishan calls her by name and says Savi had not submitted TC and fees by 11 a.m., so she can’t get admission. Isha asks what is office timing. Clerk says 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Isha asks then why 11 a.m. deadline for Savi.

Shantanu asks clerk to finish Savi’s admission formalities and asks Isha to let it go. Isha says he hasn’t stopped covering up other’s mistakes till now. Ishan says Savi is a liar, she eloped from her marriage and stole her sister’s bangles. Savi says they easily gave verdict without questioning her; she had to eloped from her marriage as she was being forced to marry an alcoholic and womanizer, she chose to study further and fulfill her parent’s dreams. She calls Harini and asks if she stole her jewelry. Harini says she told Kiran that her aaji gifted her jewelry and she gave it to her sister in need, but Kiran forcefully went to jewelry shop and created a scene.
Savi thanks Harini and proves her innocence. Isha asks Savi to complete her admission while she waits till then, greets Yashwanth, and walks to the waiting area. Yashwanth fumes and thinks Isha did wrong by coming here.

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Ishan angrily walks to his cabin. Shantanu walks behind him t comfort him. Nishanth walks in and asks Shantanu to let him calm down Ishan. Shantanu leaves. Savi finishes admission formalities and happily hugs and thanks Isha. She asks why did she herself come to handover TC. Isha says she felt Bhosale’s will trouble her and hence came here. She describes how she got TC from principal via Ashwini’s help and says her Ashwini aaji can fight with anyone for her. Savi says badi aaji will start tandav dance if she learns that Ashwini helped her against badi aaji. She praises Isha for fighting against injustice and says she will carry forward Isha’s lineage as her student. Isha says her student has grown up so big. They continue to talk emotionally. Isha leaves.

Shantanu notices Isha at a tea shop and walks to her. He says he thought she would come to his cabin and talk to him. Isha says she thought he doesn’t want to meet her. Shantanu describes how eager he is to meet her. He further discusses about the recent issues happened in Ishan’s life and says if she was with Ishan, she would have comforted him. Isha says if they had let Ishan go with her, her son wouldn’t have to face all this. She asks him to be by their son and comfort him with his love. She also asks him to take care of Savi and greets him good bye. He says she should says she will come soon.

recap: Anvi, Durva, and her friends bully Savi and lock her in a room.