Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashwant Threatens Swanand


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Surekha calls Ishan and gets worried when he doesn’t pick call. Anvi says dada is missing since afternoon and even missed lectures. Surekha says something serious must have happened for sure. Durva says a girl made a loud announcement that she is Guddi and has returned back for her Chintu. What is special in it. Durva says it can’t be Reeva. Surekha says she is sure Savi must have upset Ishan and asks Durva to call Ishan. Asmita says she is directly coming to a wrong conclusion without evaluating the issue. Surekha warns her to keep her mouth shut. She insists Durva to call Savi and find out where Ishan is.

Ishan returns home lost in thoughts. Surekha asks why didn’t he pick her calls. Yashwant asks why he missed lectures today. Surekha says let us have dinner and then speak. Ishan says he is not hungry and walks to his room. Surekha follows him and asks why is he so upset and skipped classes, did Savi pester him again. Ishan says Savi is not related to all this. Surekha says if he upset because she slapped him, she is his mother and even she is upset after slapping him, she can’t see him sadly like this and wants to know what happened. Ishan informs that Reeva has returned and describes the whole incident happened in the morning. He says he doesn’t know what to do. Surekha says she knows what to do.

Swati asks Swanand till when they have to stay in Pune. Swanand says he doesn’t have any answer. She asks if he has time to support his daughter’s childish acts, why don’t he have answer to her question; they both left their pending work in Mumbai and went to London and now are staying in Pune due to his daughter’s childish act, why don’t he stop his daughter. Yashwant calls Swanand. Swati asks him to switch on phone’s speaker as she wants to hear what filth Yashwant talks.

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Swanand picks call and says whatever happened today. Yashwant shouts to the core of his lungs for letting his daughter create a drama in college, taking his daughter to London canceling engagement with Ishan, etc., and warns him to keep his daughter away from Ishan or else he will kill his family. Swati asks Swanand what does Yashwant mean, will he still stay in Pune and help his daughter in her foolish acts. She asks Reeva to pack her bags as they are going right now. Reeva says she will not go anywhere. Swanand says her mother is right, Yashwant doesn’t want to have any relationship with them and can go to any extent, so they should leave Pune tomorrow. Reeva says she can’t live without Ishan. Swanand says she should take a break from her studies and everything and spent time with her parents, time heals all the wounds, she should pack her bags and be ready to leave tomorrow. Reeva cries.

Savi gets concerned about Ninad and feels helpless recalling Hirini’s advice not to call Bhavani to find out Ninad’s condition. She calls Vinayak. Vinayak shouts at her not to call and disturb him. Savi says he can vent out his frustration on her, but tell what happened to Ninad. Vinayak says that’s none of her business as she left Ramtek without bothering about her grandparents when she knew that he is studying medical in Pune and can’t be with them; Ninad is suffering from Alzheimer’s final stage, he can’t remember anything and is not having food, he gets seizers often; they are coming to Pune for treatment, and he will do whatever he can; she shouldn’t dare to disturb him again in life.

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