Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhavani Breaks Her Ties With Savi

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Shantanu gets Isha’s call and tells her that Savi Chavan didn’t meet him. Isha says Savi reached late. Shantanu asks her to tell Savi to meet him at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow, he has spoken about Savi to Rao Saheb and will try his best to get her admission. Isha asks if Rao Saheb will listen to him. Shantan says he will try his best. Isha asks if he can arrange an accommodation for Savi tonight. He connects a call to peon Shuklaji and asks him make arrangements for Savi’s food and accommodation tonight in director’s cabin. Isha thanks him. Shantanu tries to speak further, but Isha disconnects call. Shuklaji goes out in search of Savi and asks watchman if a girl named Savi had come to meet Shantanu. Savi hearing him says she is Savi who wants to meet Shantanu regarding admission. Shuklaji asks her to show her ID card. Savi shows her ID card. Shuklaji tells watchmen that he was right that she is Savi Chauhan. Savi says its Chavan. Shuklaji says Chauhan. He takes Savi to director’s cabin and asks her what she would like to have. Savi says she doesn’t need anything and thanks him. Shuklaji says she should thank Shantanu instead who ordered him to take good care of Savi. He asks till when she is here. Savi says till she meets Shantanu tomorrow. He asks her to wake up early as its Ishan’s cabin and he will create an issue if he finds her there.

Savi calls Harini. Harini feels happy and asks how is she and where is she. Savi says she is fine in Pune and asks about Ninad and Ashwini. Harini says they are with her. Ninad and Ashwini ask her not to worry about them. Harini says they are happy to hear that she is fine. Savi asks about Bhavani. Bhavani snatches phone and curses Savi for eloping from marriage ruining family’s dignity. She breaks all her ties with Savi and says she shouldn’t dare to contact them again as she is dead to them. She then trashes Harini with her stick for helping Savi elope and says Vinu is right that she ruined her own life and is a burden on them. Ashwini warns her to dare not touch Harini and says even she and Ninad helped Savi elope as they can’t see Savi marrying an alcoholic, drug addict, and womanizer. Bhavani asks why didn’t they inform her. Ashwini says they know she wouldn’t believe the evidence Isha showed them and would forcefully get Savi married, so they had to retort to this step. Harini says Savi went on a journey of freedom. She says she doesn’t have worry about her from hereon as she will return to her husband’s house tomorrow, she is ready to bear humiliation and torture from a stranger than her dear ones, etc.

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Savi feels sad recalling Bhavani’s bitter words. Next morning, Ishan reaches office early. Shuklaji tries to stop him using different excuses. Ishan gets suspicious. Savi wakes up and gets anxious seeing the time. Ishan hears someone inside his cabin.

Precap: Savi apologizes Ishan for staying in her cabin and says she wanted to meet Shantanu regarding her admission. Ishan says she can’t get admission in Bhosale institute just like that, gets angry after learning that she came on Isha’s recommendation, throws her bag and shouts at her to get out challenging her to get admission if she can. Savi challenges him back.