Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Savi Feels Disappointed


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sonali taunts that every child is not intelligent like Vinayak to clear a prestigious school interview. Bhavani and Omkar smirks hearing that. Virat says Savi cleared the interview with flying color and principal impressed with her knowledge wants to give her admission in Vinayak’s class. Ninad asks then what is the problem here. Virat says Savi wants her daughter to be not just an intelligent but a better person, so she wants Savi’s admission in a different school. Ashwini asks if Savi knows about it. Virat says no. Ashwini says Saviwould be feeling said once she learns about it.

Sai informs Savi that she cleared interview and principal said she can get admission in Vinu’s class. Savi rejoices hearing that. Sai sends her to bring gift for her. Usha asks what is the issue. Sai says she doesn’t want Savi’s admission in a rich school she cannot afford high fees and even if she can, she doesn’t want Savi to get jealous or demotivated seeing rich children’s stuff, she doesn’t want Savi and Vinu compare each other, that school focuses more on comfort and lavish behavior than education. Usha says Savi and Vinu are excited to attend school together. Sai says there would be problems in the future and she can foresee them, so she got Savi’s admission in a different school.

Savi returns with a gajra/flowers for Sai and asks her to continue her good news. Sai asks why did she bring this a gajra instead of a precious gift. Savi says Sai herself told gift is important and not its value. Sai says similarly quality education is important and not the school, Vinayak’s school is good but not too good, so she got her admission in a different school. Savi gets sad hearing that. Vinayak learns about Savi getting admission in a different school and gets upset. Virat thinks Sai wanted to degrade him, so she got Savi’s admission in a different school; he is sure Savi is also upset. Savi asks why can’t she attend Vinu’s school. Sai says education is important and not school, so she will attend a school which her mother can afford. Savi cries and says Virat told he will pay her fees, so she wants to attend Vinu’s school. Sai wipes her tears and asks if education is important or school. Savi says education. Sai says she is right. Savi asks if she cannot meet Vinu often.

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Virat also feels upset that he cannot meet Savi often and asks if there is any solution for that. Savi also questions same to Sai. Sai says she can visit Vinayak during weekends and requests her a pinky promise not to get adamant. Savi pinky promises. Sai thanks god that Savi understood her point. Virat drops Vinayak home and asks him to go in while he come later. Mohit returns home with samosas and sees Karishm’s boyfriend dropping Karishma home. Bhavani waiting for samosas asks Sonali to serve her hot samosas. Ashwini asks why did she order samosas when Savi’s admission didn’t happen at all. Bhavani asks what is her problem if she wants to have it. Ashwini says Bhavani is celebrating Savi’s loss and how does she feel when her one child goes to a good school and another child to a not so good school.

Virat returns home and enjoys samosas. Bhavani asks Ashwini to learn from her son who doesn’t create any issue unnecessarily. Virat says he had visited a school where he and his siblings studied as Sai got Savi’s admission in same school as she wants Savi to study in her baba’s school. He further reveals that Vinu will also go to same school and shows school admission form. Vinayak feels happy hearing that. Pakhi sends Vinu to his room and asks if he will get Vinu’s admission in a normal school just because Savi will go to that school, she doesn’t bother wherever Sai sends her daughter to, but she will not compromise with her son’s future. Virat says both children belongs to him and he and his siblings studied in that school. He says that school has improved its standard a lot and the teachers who taught him will teach his both children, its most important for him that his both children study in a same school. Pakhih stands frowning.

Precap: Pakhi meets Sai and says she has problem in Virat getting admission in Savi’s school and asks her to shift with Savi to Kankauli or wherever she wants to, she will take care of all her expenses.
Virat enters and hears their conversation.