Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Isha’s Shocking Comment

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Harini runs behind Vansh asking him to get ready for the thread ceremony. Vansh runs to his father Milind. Milind says only an expert can get his son ready. Harini asks if he means she can’t dress up her son. Milind says he means expert Savi will get his son ready. Harini hopes Milind’s parents don’t create any drama as Isha and Milind’s mother can’t get along well. Bhagyashree arranges pooja at her house and gets ready. Sai asks if it’s her marriage. Bhagyashree says she is married to his grandfather years ago, today is pooja. Her daughter Riddhi returns home from a trip. Sai rushes and hugs her. Bhagyashree asks if she didn’t wear an airport look. Riddhi says she doesn’t like all that. Maid asks where had baby gone. Bhagyashree says she had gone to London with her Mithibai College friends. Riddhi says her classmates want to befriend to make connection with Rajat. Bhagyashree says her son is very famous. Sai complains that her father doesn’t talk to her at all. Bhagyashree says walks to her room when she is sound asleep and pampers her daily.

Isha serves food to Chocolate before leaving house for Vansh’s thread ceremony and says his life is set, he is the boss and they are her servants. She walks into kitchen and opens a wash basin tap. Shantanu and Savi ask her to hurry up. She rushes out when chocolate runs around and forgets to close the tap. They reach Harini’s house and congratulate Milind’s parents Pratap and Urmila on their grandson’s thread ceremony. Urmila gets eager to know what is in the gift. Isha says silver dinner set and a gold chain and silver Bappa for Vansh. Urmila checks it. Savi asks Isha what was the need for revealing the gift. Isha says she wants to show Urmila her place as Urmila taunts Harini 100 times a day that she didn’t bring dowry. Milind walks to them, takes Isha and Shantanu’s blessings, and acts as getting angry on Savi for coming late. Savi asks him to stop acting and touches his feet. He laughs and says she is his younger sister, asks her to go and get Vansh ready.

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Bhagyashree plays loud bhajans at home. Maid says her neighbour Ishaan will burn in anger now. Bhagyashree says he will calm her down in 2 seconds. Her daughter Tara arrives with her daughter. Bhagyashree pampers her granddaughter. Tara complains that it’s difficult to handle a baby. Bhagyashree asks her to come and stay at her house. Tara says she can’t leave her in-laws alone as her husband shifted to Canada to open a motel. She walks towards the door and slips. Maid holds her. Tara shouts that someone threw water on the floor. Bhagyashree notices water coming from Isha’s house and knocks the door to fight with Isha.

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