Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi’s Team Wins Graffiti Competition


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ishan and Nishikant take judges to graffiti competition room. Judges walk to Durva’s team first. Ishan says there is no use of looking at their art as he disqualified them after replaced a professional artist with their team member and cheated in competition. Judges tongue lash Nishi that his own daughter cheated in competition. Ishan says other teams participated loyally. They check other 3 teams’ work and are shocked to see Savi’s team’s art spoilt. Savi asks team who did this. Team says they don’t know, their hard work is ruined. Savi says someone spoilt their graffiti purposefully. Judge refuses to judge their graffiti and says they would have to select between 2 remaining teams’ graffiti. Ishan says graffiti is so spoilt that they can’t judge it.

Judge is about to announce winner when Savi shows her pic with a graffiti in the background. Judge praises Savi’s mother-son graffiti with a message on it and shows it to Ishan. Ishan recalls Isha coming back to life with his touch. He says it’s really nice and requests judges to include Savi’s team in the competition. Judge says they shall leave it to other 2 teams. Teams say they shall give Savi’s team a chance for their hard work. Durva says it’s injustice and even they should get a chance then. Ishan says they cheated and Savi’s team was wronged by someone. Judges announce Savi’s team as a winner and special gifts for other 2 teams. Durva walks away from there feeling jealous.

Next day, tug of war competition starts. Anvi hosts the event and announces competition between Savi and other team. Savi explains her strategy to her team. Surekha walks to Yashwant and says she wants to talk to him. Yashwant says he knows what she did with Isha at the gate yesterday and will question her later. Ishan thinks of finding out who spoilt Savi’s team’s graffiti and calls Shukla. Nishi confronts him for exposing Durva’s cheating while she is going through a rough phase and him being her brother and boasts of concerned for her. Ishan says he is a director in college and not a brother and hence he has to do justice to all students, Durva cheated during competition and had to be punished. Nishi still continues his anger.

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Shukla walks to Ishan. Ishan asks him if the keys were with him all the time. He says yes, but for some time.. Surekha walks to them and says she took keys from Shukla to get god’s idol from store room. Ishan says he is confused who spoilt Savi’s team’s graffiti. Surekha asks if he is doubting her. He says he can’t doubt her even if god says so, but he wants to find out the culprit. He leaves for CCTV room. Savi and opponent team’s tug of war competition starts and Savi’s team wins the game. Durva and other team’s competition. Nishi cheers up Durva. Shantanu says he is a director and can’t be biased to 1 student. Nishi ignores him and continues to cheer up Durva. Durva’s team wins.

Ishan checks CCTV footage and thinks he will find out the culprit now. He walks to Surekha and asks if she saw someone going towards graffiti competition room when she was going to store room. She denies. He recalls guard informing that camera near competition room is not working and tells her that he couldn’t get a footage or else would have found a culprit. Surekha relaxes. Savi and Durva’s team’s competitions starts next. Ayush focuses his watch glass’ light on Savi’s face and diverts her attention. They win. Savi falls down and injures her hand. Ishan runs to her help and asks Shukla to get a first-aid box. Surekha gets jealous seeing that.

Precap: Savi bumps on Reeva and apologizes her, asks if she is a new admission. Reeva says she came here to meet someone. Savi asks if she is here to meet Mr Chidkiya Ishan sir. Reeva asks if she calls him Chidkiya. Savi says he was chidkiya before, but not anymore; he has changed and even celebrated her birthday. She takes him to Ishan. Ishan is shocked to see Reeva.