Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kiran Tries To Molest Savi


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Isha asks Shantanu what happened at Bhosale House. Shantanu says he left that house, Ishan thinks he left him because of Isha, Yashwant told that house’s doors are shut for him permanently. Isha asks how can Yashwant say that, that house belongs to even him. Shantanu asks why no one understands him, not even his dear ones, why don’t they consider him as human and just key him like a toy, why don’t the value his feelings, he just wants to take care of her and even she doesn’t understand that. Isha sits silently.

Savi walks to Harini’s room and asks if Kiran tortured her again. Harini looks happy and shows her positive pregnancy test. Savi dances happily saying she is becoming an aunt now. Harini says she is very happy as a baby clears the cracks between husband and wife, she feels Kiran’s behavior towards her will change after hearing this news. Savi hugs her and hopes so. After some time, Savi reaches college and tells Ishan that she wants to talk to him regarding missed classes. Ishan says he doesn’t want to talk to her as she is a hypocrite who talks about fighting for justice, but when it was a question of her brother, she convinced Ishan to take back complaint against her brother. Savi says she really doesn’t know anything about it. Ishan says she and her teacher are liars and he doesn’t want to talk to liars.

Savi visits Isha and confronts her for taking back complaint against Vinu. Ishan says Vinu is a young boy and has a long life to live. Savi asks how can she spare a criminal just because he is a dear one. Isha says she took a written statement from Vinu. Savi says she met Vinu, he doesn’t have any repentance on his face. Isha says she is also Vinu’s teacher and can’t see any of her student’s life ruined. Savi says Ishan told she and her teacher are hypocrites; she can’t hear anyone insulting Isha and defends her always, but today she didn’t have any words to defend her.

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Harini gets ready for her friend’s wedding. Kiran returns home and yells at her for not preparing food properly. Savi informs him that they are becoming parents. Kiran gets happy and says she gave him happiness of the whole world today. Harini says they shall attend her friend’s wedding. Kiran agrees. Harini says she will inform Savi to join them later. Kiran acts as having stomach upset and asks her to go alone. Harini leaves.

Ishan serves coffee to his students at a cafeteria in good mood. Savi walks to him and says she needs to talk. Ishan walks aside with her and asks what she has to say now. Savi says his allegations against Isha are wrong, he himself acting as a kind teacher should understand Isha’s intentions. Ishan says his opinion towards Isha will never change. Savi says he is under the delusion of lies and self-obsession and should come out of it to see the truth. She leaves college and returns home. Kiran tries to molest her and asks her to cooperate if she wants to see her sister happy and live in this house. Savi resists and hits his head with a vase. Kiran continues to pursue her. Savi locks herself in a room. Kiran gets afraid that she may expose his heinous act to everyone and threatens her to keep her mouth shut or else he will not accept Harini and her baby and throw them out of the house.

Precap: Savi asks Yashwant to sign her hostel form. Kiran accuses her of trying to s*xually abuse him and asks Yashwant not to let her stay in his hostel. Yashwant asks Ishan if he wants to say something. A police officer walks in and tells Ishan that he has to talk to him first before saying anything to Savi.