Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan Blames Isha Again


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ishan tells his parents that he has some work from them. Isha asks what kind of work. Ishan says he wants to apologize her for his misbehavior at this birthday party. He says he wants to even apologize Shantanu. Shantanu says it’s okay. Ishan says it’s not okay as he saw how tensed Shantanu was when Isha was missing, he is his single parent after his mother left him long ago. Shantanu says he is always with him. Ishan says he left him for this woman and proved that she is more important than him, he lost his only parent today to a woman who left him years ago. He congratulates Isha that she can call herself as Dr Isha Shantanu Bhosale now and thanks Shantanu for living him forever, etc., and walks away from there.

Savi walks behind him and says it’s weird that he misunderstands his parents who love him more than their lives. Ishan says he is not in a mood to listen to her lecture. Savi says he always misunderstands even a simple thing, why don’t he let things be simple; if he ever thought that he can have wrong perception towards his parents. Ishan says if she hadn’t taken admission in his college, his father would have been with him. He refuses to listen to her and leaves.

Surekha tells Yashwant that Shantanu never thought of leaving a house, but he did today because of Isha; she fears Ishan will also leave them. Yashwant says he is worried that Shantanu will demand his property share, then Nishi will; if that happens, Bhosale family will break down; there were never any differences between they 3 brother. Surekha says he is the pillar of the family and should get better share among three. Yashwant says their father had left a will and asked him to open it after 25 years of his death, this diwali 25 years will complete and he doesn’t know what is written in that will; he doesn’t want Bhosale family to break down.

Isha packs her bag and tries to leave. Shantanu asks where is she going. Isha says she doesn’t need him, but Ishan needs him more. Shantanu says he fulfilled his responsibility towards his son and now wants to fulfill his responsibility towards his wife. Isha asks if he thinks he can rebuild a happy married life ever after feeling. Shantanu says he just wants to take care of her. Isha says Ishan will hate her more that she took even his father away from him. Ishan vents out his frustration with exercise. Surekha walks to him and asks him to calm down. Ishan says earlier Riva left him and now Shantanu also left him. Surekha blames Isha for snatching his father from him and says if that woman snatches him from her, she will die. Ishan hugs her and says that woman can never snatch him from her.

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Savi gets Harini ready for her friend’s wedding function and says she is looking beautiful. Harini offers her bangles. Savi says she always knows what she wants. Kiran walks to Harini and asks where is she going. Harini says she told him already that she has her friend’s wedding. Kiran lustfully looks at Savi. Isha calls inspector and takes back her complaint against Mandar and Vinayak. Shantanu asks if she thinks she is doing right by taking back her complaint against them. Isha says she knows a pain living away from dear ones, she knows Savi will not like it but will call her and explain her reason before she leaves from here. Shantanu asks if she wants to live again. Isha says she is living alone since 20 years and is habituated to it. Shantanu asks why don’t she value his concern for her. Isha says she is not leaving now, but when she decides, he knows he can’t stop her.

Precap: Savi shifts to a hostel room. Ishan accuses her of being characterless and kicks her out of hostel. Savi leaves challenging him that when he learns truth, he himself will bring her back to hostel. Shantanu scolds Ishan for forcing a lonely girl wander on roads. Someone kidnaps Savi. Ishan gets worried.