Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai And Pakhi Challenge Each Other

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sai returns home and asks Pakhi to stop playing with words and speak truth directly. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Sai says she is dragging everyone in an irrelevant issue; Mohit informed her that Pakhi called women rights organization, what was the need for that. Pakhhi asks if she will inform her what is necessary and unnecessary for her and what shall she do. Sai says she didn’t mean that, let her clear it again that she is not here for Pakhi’s husband and is here for her son Vinu instead and will go from here if she returns her daughter. Pakhi says she is not a fool to do that as Virat will not stay with her if she gives away Vinu, she knows the game Sai is playing. Sai says she is not playing any game and is here because of Vinu, she will leave from here and never show her face if she returns Vinu to her. Pakhi says she will not give her son or husband, Sai can do whatever she wants to. Sai says she will take Vinu with her at any cost, let Pakhi do whatever she can.

Virat sends an apology message to Pakhi for whatever he did on holi and understands that she called women rights organization people to let everyone know about her pain, but they are couples and they should solve their problem via mutual discussion; please call him back. Pakhi reads his message. Savi and Vinu take Virat from there and take his help tofix Savi’s nameplate on door. Sai walks to them. Vinu shows her Savi’s nameplate and says like she says broken things get better when they are fixed, he fixed Savis’ nameplate with goldglue and it looks much better than before. Sai says its really look beautiful than before, how did it break. Virat says its doesn’t matter, both children refixed it is more important. He asks her to come and see her decorated room. Sai walks in and gets emotional seeing her, her children, and Aaba’s pic. Savi asks why didn’t he fix his photos here. Savi says its a part of his idea, recalling Sai warning him to stop bothering her.

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