Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan Humiliates Isha


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Isha walks to Ishan with a cake. Surekha tries to stop her. Yashwant asks her to wait for a minute. Isha wishes happy birthday to Ishan. Ishan throws cake away and says this is Bhosale family’s party where a stranger is not allowed. Isha says she wanted to wish him happy birthday. Ishan says when she knows he can’t tolerate her, why she come in front of him. Isha says she was leaving and stopped by to wish him. Ishan says she had gone from their lives long ago, now she should get leave before he kicks her out of here. Shantanu asks him to talk calmly, it’s also Isha’s son’s birthday, can’t she bless him. Ishan says she can’t, she left him when he needed her the most and now is returning when he grew up to reap the benefits. Isha says she never forgot him and loves him. Ishan says she left him for a career, he used to wait for her each day thinking his mother would return for him, but she never returned.

Shantanu asks Ishan if he ever tried to understand the reason behind his mother leaving him. Ishan asks if he ever tried to understand him or ever asked him what he is going through, it was Surekha who comforted him then; why he brought her here when he doesn’t need her now; why she didn’t attend even a single birthday; she must not be knowing which birthday he is celebrating; she didn’t contact him as she didn’t need him. Isha says she has calculation of his each breath, she gave birth to him and loves him immensely. Ishan says he doesn’t need her love, he donated blood to her in the hospital to save her and nothing else, he doesn’t want to be associated with her and can’t tolerate her.

Savi enters and says his parents are tolerating his misbehavior instead; if his mother didn’t bother about him, then why did she write a letter on his each birthday. She reads letters from his 11th birthday till he turned 21 and says he himself should read them and realize how much his mother loves him. Ishan tears letters and burns them. Yashwant and Surekha grin seeing that. Savi shouts Ishan sir. Isha breaks down and holds Ishan. Ishan pushes her away and says he doesn’t need her letters or herself, he doesn’t have any mother as his mother died when she left him. He asks her to go and not return even if he dies, she should handle her career instead as her career is everything to her, she shouldn’t worry about them as they learnt to live without her. He walks away from there followed by Yashwant and others. Isha stumbles. Shantanu holds her. Savi also cries seeing Isha’s condition.

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Savi apologizes Isha for taking her to Ishan’s birthday party. She says she thought Ishan will not misbehave with her on his birthday, she will go and confront Ishan and bring him here. Shantanu asks her to bring some water for her madam. She does. He offers water to Isha. Savi asks him to comfort madam. Shantanu says Isha’s mind is somewhere else, she is deeply hurt with Ishan’s words, they should leave her alone for some time. Savi says she can’t live madam alone. Shantanu asks why Isha is injured and in Pune. Savi says Isha had come for college inspection, someone shot her when she was about to leave college. She continues and says sorry for not informing him about Isha’s condition as Isha needed his support. Shantanu says one who had to support Isha humiliated her. He leaves to confront Ishan saying he has some work.

Precap: Shantanu informs Savi that Isha is not opening hotel room. They find Isha missing from room. Isha walks towards a smiling boy.
A speeding truck heads towards her.