Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhosales Celebrate Ishan’s Birthday


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ishan reads a birthday wish on screen and says only Surekha wishes him that way. He hugs Surekha and thanks him. He reads next message and says it’s duffer Durva. He then reads next message and gets sad saying it’s Shantanu’s. Family comforts him. Isha watching it far away with Savi thinks why Shantanu is not present for his son’s birthday. Ishan recalls Shantanu telling him that if he misses his birthday, he should realize that he is gone from the world. Shantanu walks in with cake, singing happy birthday. Ishan says he is returning after a month and shouldn’t go like this. Shantanu hugs him and says he will not. Yashwant says he missed him a lot. Shantanu touches his feet.

Surekha says it would be difficult to have moun vrat for a mouth. Yashwant jokes that Surekha will break her silence within a day and will also break other’s fast. Isha asks Savi if she knew about the party and brought her here. Savi nods yes. Isha says she feels good seeing Ishan’s birthday after a long time. Durva announces Anvi’s announcement and asks Shikha to join Anvi. Shikha hesitates looking at Surekha and Yashwant. Ishan insists and asks Yashwant to convince her. Yashwant permits Shikha. Anvi and Shikha dance on Radha Teri Chunri.. song. Everyone clap after their performance.

Durva next announces Yashwant, Surekha, Nishikant, and Asmita’s performance and now seniors will perform. Nishikanth says they are still young. Surekha hesitates to perform. Yashwant convinces her and they both dance on Jhumka Gira Re Bareily Ke Bazaar Mein.. song. Everyone clap for them. Durva tells Nishi that he should learn from Yashwant. Nishi says he is following Yashwant’s steps since childhood. He and Asmita dance on Jhumka Gira Re.. song remix. Savi tells Isha that Asmita is dancing really well. Isha says they both are looking good and happy. Shantanu looks at the door. Savi and Isha hide.

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Ishan praises Surekha and Yashwant’s dance. Durva announces Ishan’s performance. Ishan hesitates but agrees on family’s insistence and dances on Radha Tera Jhumka.. song with Durva. Isha tells Savi that her son is dancing so welll and looking so happy. Savi says she is seeing chidkiya happy for the first time. Isha asks her not to call her son as chidkiya. Savi says she is scolding her favorite student for her son. Isha says she doesn’t differentiate between her and Ishan. Savi says they should also dance here and dances with her. Shantanu notices Isha and walks to her. He says its a coincidence that she is present where her son’s birthday is celebrated. He insists her to join them. Isha hesitates. H says Ishan will never disrespect her.

Ishan cuts cake while everyone sings happy birthday for her. Shantanu tells him that there is one more message for him. Ishan reads Isha’s message and gets shocked. Isha walks to him with cake. Surekha gets tensed seeing her.

Precap: Ishan and Savi file Isha’s missing complaint. Inspector asks who is Isha to them. Ishan says no one to him, but his father’s wife. Savi says she is her teacher. Seeing their argument, inspector asks them not to fight like husband and wife. They say they are not husband and wife.
Inspector says a dead body is found, they shall come along to identify it. Ishan stumbles, Savi holds him.