Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi’s Alliance Is Fixed

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ishaan breaks down and tells Reva that his mother was never with him to appreciate him for his victory, or to hug me in my defeat. He tells that when other children’s mothers used to care for them and fulfilled their wishes, then I used to miss my Aai. He says when I used to be scared in night and I used to wish that my Aai shall be with me, hug me, love me and made me sleep singing lullaby, but she was not with me. He says my Akka saheb was with me, and she had taken care of me. He says for a child, nothing is happiness than a mother and she had kept me away from that happiness, I hate her. Reva tells him that the pain is not Saathi, but Saarthi. She says we shall learn from that and move on, this is life. Samarth’s parents ask Bhavani what is this misbehavior. Bhavani apologizes to them and asks Savi to apologize to them.

Ishaan apologizes to Reva and tells that he shouted at her and then he cried a lot infront of her. He says it was embarrassing for me, you must have been uncomfortable. Reva says there is no weight of tears, if it flows then we feel light and the tears do have a tongue which never lies. She asks him why is he saying sorry for revealing the truth. She asks him not to say that I am uncomfortable, and says you made me feel special today, as you regarded me as yours. She promises him that she will be with her always and holds his hand. Ishaan smiles. She feels cold. He tries to set the fire to warm up the place, but the match stick falls in the pit. Reva laughs. Ishaan rubs her hands so that she gets some warmth.

Samarth’s father tells that Bhavani didn’t tell that her grand daughter is the cow with horns, she had only said that Savi is having good values and simple. He asks if this is her values. Bhavani asks him to listen. He says you have no respect infront of her eyes, and she was dancing on such a song and disrespected us, she should have kept some shall keep our respect by staying in her limits. Savi says respect, limitations? She says you have suffocated your wife’s voice and feeling pride. She says you have come to our house and insulting us, if you are not feeling shame. Bhavani scolds her. Samarth’s father tells that it is good that the truth came out. He asks his son to come. Samarth tells him that he likes Savi and wants to marry her. Bhavani is happy.

Reva hears the music and thinks she is feeling it. Ishaan too hears the music. She says they shall go and see. He says the people will be disturbed if we go. Samarth’s father asks if you will talk to such mannerless girl. Samarth asks him to talk to him for 2 mins. They go out. Samarth tells him that he was doubtful if the girl is right for him or not, but now he wants to marry her. His father tells that he doesn’t like this girl even a bit. Samarth says I will marry her only, if you agree then its ok, else I will go and agree to marry her. His father agrees and asks him to leave his bad habits. Samarth shakes his hand as if he is drug addict and then he agrees.

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Ashwini asks Savi not to do any misbehavior. Savi asks if they are doing right and tells that they deserve this. Samarth’s father tells Bhavani that though he had refused, but his son likes Savi. Shanta Bai asks Mandar Rao..if you are sure. Mandar says we don’t think other than the kids happiness and says Savi is very mannerless, but we will handle her, and will get mend her ways. He says you will not identify her. Bhavani thanks God. She thanks Mandar for forgetting Savi’s misbehavior and says she will mingle in your house well. Samarth’s grand mother hugs Bhavani and says the alliance is fixed. Bhavani hugs her and asks Ashwini to get the water.

Reva and Ishaan go to the music troupe who is playing music there. Reva asks the guy to sing the song. He plays guitar and sings the song. Reva sings and then dances with Ishaan. She is about to fall when Ishaan holds her. Everyone claps for them.

Shanta Bai tells Bhavani that she has selected such a good guy for Savi. Bhavani thanks her. Shanta bai is about to give her sweets. Savi says she wants to say something. Shanta Bai asks even now you want to say. Savi asks this is the matter of my life. Samarth asks her to say. Savi tells that she wants to complete her studies after marriage too, and asks if they agree then she will agree for marriage. Mandar agrees. Shanta Bai tells that they shall get their sakarpura done. Samarth congrats Savi and his hand shakes up. Savi is shocked. He holds her hand with his both hands. She takes back her hand. Bhavani makes her have sweets and hugs her. She says I am very happy today as if my life’s aim is fulfilled.

Precap: Savi tells Isha that she doesn’t know what to do, as her marriage is fixed, and her engagement is on Sunday. Isha asks her to talk to her badi Aaji. Savi says Badi Aaji will not listen to her. Isha says if you want then we can file police complaint, sometimes we have to take decision against us or our loved ones. She says you have to decide what you shall do.