Gathbandhan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update: All’s Well So End’s Well


Gathbandhan 27th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Maya tells Raghu that you are my friend so please help me. I don’t want to go to jail. Dhanak says you will get punished but I can get you less time in the jail if you help us in catching Akshay. Maya agrees.

Raghu and Dhanak tell the plan to Maya. Dhanak says we will arrange a masquerade party. Akshay will come there but he won’t see us.

At the party, Akshay comes to Maya and says you have worked well. He hugs her. Maya whispers to him that our plan has failed. Raghu and Dhanak are covering us. Akshay smirks and drinks the wine. He looks around the people in masks. Akshay calls a waiter and throws a tray at him. He points the gun at Dhanak and asks everyone to take off their masks. Maya says to Raghu that you thought I would be loyal to you, Dhanak will die now. Akshay is pointing a gun at the girl with back to him and thinks it’s Dhanak but Dhanak shoots his gun from afar and says to Maya that I am a step ahead of you, I made a plan with you but I knew you would try something so I planted someone else in my place. Raghu says to Maya that you would never change. Akshay tries to attack him but the police take Maya and Akshay away.

Inspector thanks Dhanak and leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that we are proud of you, she gives her a salute and says my daughter in law is unique. Sejal and Ronak come there too. Mai says to Dhanak that you should be punished now. Raghu asks what happened? Mai makes Dhanak and Raghu wear the cuffs and says you have taken his heart so be with me him for life. All smile.

Dhanak and Raghu start their romantic dance. All family members dance together. Mai prays for her family’s togetherness.

Dhanak and Raghu thank the audience.

The End