Garima Kishnani: ‘Suhaagan’ unveils a resilient Bindiya taking a stand for herself

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Garima Kishnani: ‘Suhaagan’ unveils a resilient Bindiya taking a stand for herself

The gripping drama series ‘Suhaagan’ has undergone significant shifts in its storyline, focusing on the lives of two sisters, Bindiya and Payal. According to actress Garima Kishnani, the show is set to portray a transformation in Bindiya’s character, as she finally finds the strength to stand up for herself.

The show took a remarkable leap, catapulting its narrative ten years into the future, exploring a journey filled with love and animosity.

Garima Kishnani, who plays the role of Bindiya, talked about it in a recent interview, stating, “The upcoming episodes will depict how a shattered Bindiya gathers the courage to assert herself. With Payal and Krishna’s unexpected marriage, she is grappling with immense pain. I am dedicated to doing justice to my character to ensure that the audience can deeply empathize with her. I genuinely hope that the audience will continue to adore the show and my character.”

With its captivating storyline, ‘Suhaagan’ has captivated the audience’s attention. In the current arc, Krishna’s surprising act of applying sindoor on Payal’s forehead to prevent her marriage to Rudra leaves Bindiya and everyone present in shock.

Baldev, Krish’s father, questions his actions, and Krishna confesses his unwavering love for Payal, unable to bear the thought of her making a life-altering mistake. This dramatic twist sets the stage for a series of unexpected and gripping events that intricately weave the lives of Bindiya, Payal, and Krishna.

In the upcoming episodes, after Payal marries Krishna, she will feign concern for her sister Bindiya while secretly harboring motives to manipulate Bindiya into ending her marriage with Krishna. However, Bindiya will stand resolute and reaffirm her commitment to her marriage vows with Krishna.

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Discussing the show’s highpoint, Raghav Thakur, who portrays Krishna, shares, “My character is currently undergoing a swift emotional transformation, having confessed his love for Payal and married her, leaving Bindiya heartbroken.”

Expressing his gratitude for the show’s positive reception, the actor adds, “I am filled with joy and gratitude to see the kind of response our show has received from viewers, and I am confident that the upcoming storyline will leave them even more enthralled. I hope the audience enjoys this rollercoaster ride as much as I have during filming.”

Speaking about the intriguing twist in the show, Sakshi Sharma, who plays Payal, says, “The storyline is gearing up for some intense twists and turns, where my character, Payal, embarks on a journey of deceit and manipulation. She is determined to remove Bindiya from Krishna’s life and achieve her goal. I hope the audience continues to shower their love on the show, just as they always have.”