Gantavya Sharma expresses his excitement about shooting on village-like set for ‘Imlie’

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Gantavya Sharma expresses his excitement about shooting on village-like set for ‘Imlie’

Child artiste Gantavya Sharma, previously seen in the series ‘Maitree,’ has now joined the cast of ‘Imlie.’ What makes this new venture exciting for the six-and-a-half-year-old is the opportunity to shoot on a set designed like a village. Gantavya will portray the character of Ashu, Imlie’s nephew. Following the loss of his parents, Ashu moves in with Imlie, who lovingly takes care of him as her own child.

Talking about it in a recent interview, Gantavya said, “I have just begun shooting for the show. Similar to her character, Adrija (Roy) didi is sweet and caring in real life too. Our set resembles a village, and I am thoroughly enjoying shooting here.”

During his breaks, Gantavya likes to engage in various activities with the production unit or complete his homework. He added, “I enjoy playing basketball, badminton, and cricket. Skating and dancing are also on my list of favorites. However, during the monsoon season, I tend to stay indoors. When I’m not needed for a scene, I watch cartoons and play board games like Ludo. I always bring my toys to the set and carry my school books to complete my homework during breaks.”

Being a big food enthusiast, Gantavya has a preference for home-cooked meals. He shared, “I love home-cooked food, so I bring my tiffin from home. My mom (Natasha Sharma) is an amazing cook, and she makes delicious parathas. I also enjoy dishes like rajma-chawal, pizza, pasta, and all kinds of parathas.”

For those unfamiliar with the show’s storyline, ‘Imlie’ is set to undergo a generation leap, with Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao taking on the roles of the new lead couple. The series, which debuted in November 2020, originally featured Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Gashmeer Mahajani as the lead couple, followed by Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra taking over as the new leads. The village-like set and the addition of young talent like Gantavya Sharma promise to bring fresh energy to the show.

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