Faltu 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan and Neil get stunned seeing Faltu


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The Episode starts with Tanu making Neil and Faltu’s video. Neil cheers up Faltu. She laughs. Tanu comes and says you didn’t get ready, you are the show shopper today, oh, I understand, you both were enjoying this good weather, coffee date? He says we had no time, see you inside. He takes Faltu with him. Tanu says Ayaan will see this video and he will believe he is doing a big mistake by trusting you, why didn’t he come. Kinshuk says Ayaan was coming, he got an urgent call, so he left. The models get ready. Neil asks is everything ready. They see Faltu and make fun of her. Neil says sorry, we got late, make Faltu ready. They laugh. He says very funny, the models having unique name will get the highest pay, after all we are here to discuss names, right, focus on the ramp and show this smile there. He makes Faltu sit. Faltu says you are scaring me, you don’t become a good person. He says I like to become good seeing you. She asks what. He laughs and says look at your face, it got pale, time is money, get ready. She gets ready. Dada ji welcomes Janardhan. Tanu says you have selected an ordinary girl as the showshopper. He says it was Neil’s idea, he told me Faltu’s name, I like her a lot. Janardhan says we are also her big fans. Tanu says I will call Ayaan. Janardhan says I m worried about Ayaan and Faltu, I want to get my bahu home with respect, how shall I do this, can you help us. Dada ji recalls Neil and Faltu. He says yes, why not.

Tanu hears the men talking about arrangements. She says now Faltu’s amazing entry will happen. Ayaan comes. She asks where were you. He says I went for personal work. He recalls meeting the cricket association head and defending Faltu. He looks for Faltu. He asks Dada ji about Faltu. Dada ji says she is getting ready, she is the showstopper today. Ayaan says yes, I heard it. Neil says sorry bro, men not allowed inside. Ayaan says just 2 mins. Neil says rules and rules. Janardhan asks Ayaan not to do anything. He says we will meet Faltu later. Neil asks manager to start the show soon, guests are impatient. Faltu gets ready. Tanu comes and says wow, you look very nice, Neil’s choice is nice. She acts good and says I wish the good for you, all the best. She hugs Faltu and puts a perfume in her bag. She says Ayaan wanted to meet you, all the best. She leaves.

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Faltu says what will Ayaan think, I hope everything goes fine. Neil comes and smiles seeing her. She asks what are you seeing, I don’t look good, right, I will remove the makeup. He stops her and says you look good. She says you are making fun of me. He says yes, you can’t digest praise. She says yes, not from you. He says get ready and come out in 5 mins. He smiles and leaves.

The event begins. The manager says it’s a big day and a new journey for Naya safar shoes and their collaboration with JM mart. Dada ji praises Neil. Neil says we will show them something interesting. The ramp show starts. Tanu looks on from far. Ayaan waits for Faltu.

Tanu says get Faltu soon. Dada ji asks Neil why are you nervous. Neil says you won’t understand. The manager says now our showstopper will come. Faltu comes. Ayaan and Neil see her, and smile. Everyone claps.

She lights the diyas. She sees Ayaan and smiles. She thanks everyone for coming. Tanu blows the fan towards Faltu. The saree catches fire.

Ayaan divorces Faltu. Neil asks her to sign the papers and start a new relation with him. He says I love you Faltu.