Faltu 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Janardhan tells the truth


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The Episode starts with Janardhan saying I had taken money from him for business. Ayaan cries. Dadi asks what’s going on. He says it means Ruhaan wasn’t saying a lie, he is taking your revenge on me. Janardhan asks how does he know Avinash. Ayaan says he is Avinash’s son, he wants to ruin us. Harsh asks what did you do with him. Faltu says it’s a beautiful sight, weather is also good. Kaka says yes, I feel good to sit near the window and see the city. She asks what happened, why are you sad, you have your son and bahu. He says yes, just on calls, you go and change your clothes, wear my bahu’s clothes. She says no, she won’t like it, its okay, don’t worry. She asks him to have soup. He asks her to change clothes and sleep in the room. She says I will sleep anywhere, I m habitual to it, don’t worry. He likes the soup. He says if you serve me, then why won’t I worry for you, I have a daughter, I miss her when I see you, go now. He asks her to have multivitamin tablet. She takes it and goes. He calls someone and says I got a young girl, she is at my home, come here and take her, I won’t take less than 10 lakhs. Ayaan asks is this true, you took money from Avinash and never returned it, the money lenders tortured him, he committed suicide. Janardhan is shocked. Ayaan says if this is true, then Ruhaan is taking revenge on us because of you. Savita asks are you doubting him, he can’t do this.

Janardhan cries. Ayaan says ask him to say the truth. Janardhan says I didn’t know he is Avinash’s son, its no use to say anything. She says I trust you, please tell us the truth. Dadi asks what’s the matter. Janardhan says Ruhaan is saying true. They all are shocked. Faltu gets freshen up. She says why am I feeling sleepy, maybe because of medicines and tiredness. She thinks of Ayaan and cries. She opens the door. Kaka sees her feeling sleepy. He smiles and messages someone. Everyone asks Janardhan to say. Janardhan says the money I took from Avinash, I didn’t use it for business, some goons attacked me and robbed the money, I never got that money back, I thought if mom and Savita knows this, they will worry, my brothers were struggling a lot and I didn’t tell them, Ayaan was young, I lost my diary which had Avinash’s number, I arranged money but had no contact of him, when I went to meet him, I learnt that he left his house, I tried to find him, but I didn’t get him, I have kept the money in account to return him, if I knew Ruhaan and Shanaya are Avinash’s children then I would have apologized to them and returned the money. Ayaan says I m sorry. He hugs Janardhan. Kaka sees Faltu sleeping. He asks the goons not to make noise, just take Faltu and leave. Faltu dreams of Ayaan.

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Kaka demands the money. He says you have to give me total amount. The man pays him advance. He says take the remaining money from boss. Ayaan says I didn’t think anything and doubted you, I knew you can’t do wrong with anyone, but I trusted Ruhaan. Janardhan says I feel you are mistaken about Faltu also, maybe Ruhaan had blackmailed Faltu. Ayaan says I had seen Faltu with Ruhaan at the hospital, there is nothing to talk, she was at his place now. Tanu stops Sid and says Ayaan will be hurt talking of Faltu, she chose Ruhaan. Ayaan says Faltu and my chapter got over forever. He goes. Janardhan says Faltu can’t be wrong, I won’t accept this until she tells this herself, Harsh find Faltu, I want to ask her this question personally. The goons kidnap Faltu. Kaka asks will she die. The goon says no, don’t worry.

Ayaan argues with the goon. Faltu hears Ayaan’s voice and screams. Ayaan stops.