Faltu 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu finds Ayaan


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The Episode starts with Harsh saying I will go and get Faltu. Tanu says we can’t sit at home. Savita says we have to go, Ayaan will find Faltu, we will go. Harsh says we can’t go out, the roads are filled with water, I will inform police and ask them to get Faltu back. Faltu helps people and gets blessings. She says I wish the best for my family’s happiness. Doctor sees her wound and says come with me to hospital, you will need treatment. Faltu says I have to help people. Doctor says I know, you have to stay fine to help more people. Harsh says I spoke to police officer, the injured people are taken to the hospital, Faltu got hurt, but she is fine. Savita asks where is Ayaan. Harsh says he isn’t with Faltu. She asks where is he. She cries. He says you know the situation, I m sure he went to find Faltu. Tanu says I will ask Sid to find him. Savita worries. Dadi says nothing will happen to Ayaan. Savita says don’t know where is Ayaan. She cries. Dadi consoles her. Faltu says let me help people. Doctor says you are hurt. Faltu says I want to help them, because I m also in pain. Doctor asks what were you doing there. Faltu says we will talk later, I will handle things here. She hears about the cars sunk in the subway and the people getting critical. Faltu prays for them. She gets shocked seeing Ayaan and asks him to open eyes. She asks what happened to him. Ward boy says his car got sunk in water, water filled in his lungs, do you know him. She says he is my husband, treat him, nothing should happen to him. She prays. Sid and Tanu come there and see Faltu. Faltu says Ayaan wasn’t with me, but he is here now, his car sank in water, he isn’t fine, doctor is treating him. Sid says don’t worry, I will ask the doctor to start his treatment soon. Tanu says don’t worry, everyone is worried for Ayaan, not for you. Faltu says they won’t worry for me, they think I ruined their respect.

Tanu asks where did you get Ayaan, I thought he went to convince you. Faltu says no, I was helping people here and saw Ayaan. Doctor says Ayaan is serious, his brain isn’t getting oxygen, we can’t tell anything. Sid says I will inform the family about Ayaan and Faltu, we will go home together, Faltu come with us, think about it, I know he didn’t mean that, trust me, everything will be fine. He goes to call family. Tanu says Ayaan hates me, I can understand your pain. She lies to her. Faltu asks her not to say anything further. She says I have just loved one man in my life, that’s Ayaan, I can’t think of anyone else. Tanu says Ayaan has told the family what he has seen there, I want to know your truth, Ayaan is mistaken. Faltu says his trust was weak and it broke, Ruhaan has tricked Ayaan, I explained Ayaan, but he didn’t listen to me, how did Ayaan change so much. Tanu says I can understand, he was so angry that he started throwing things. Savita and Janardhan argue. She says calm down, I was worried for your health, we will find out about Faltu and Ayaan. Dadi says Sid called and said Ayaan’s car sank in subway, his condition was bad, he is admitted in hospital, Faltu is also there. Savita says take me to hospital right away. Janardhan asks how did Faltu get hurt. Dadi says she was saving people, now I m relieved, Faltu will take care of Ayaan. Savita asks why would she take care of Ayaan, she is a problem. Janardhan asks what are you saying. She argues. He says its not Faltu’s mistake, don’t come to the hospital with me, Harsh and I will go.

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She says I will come and see Ayaan. He says no means no. Sid calls him and says Ayaan got conscious. Janardhan asks how is Ayaan, is Faltu with him. Sid says no, I will meet him, don’t come here, roads are water logged, try to understand. Janardhan says fine, keep me updated. He says Sid said we don’t need to go to the hospital. Faltu talks to Bappa and prays for Ayaan. She asks how can Ayaan think of Ruhaan and my illegitimate relation, make him fine, once he gets fine and goes his home, I will start my new life. Ruhaan and manager look on. Manager says go home, I will keep an eye on her. Ruhaan says I m fine here, I have hurt her a lot, I won’t let her get hurt. Faltu prays. Ruhaan asks manager to leave.

Faltu thinks I don’t want to meet Ayaan, I promise, I will never meet you. She shouts.