Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Tanisha reveals the donation truth to Faltu

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The Episode starts with Tanisha worrying for Ayaan. She rushes and calls the doctor. Doctor asks her to go out. She asks will Ayaan get fine. He asks her to just leave. He treats Ayaan. He goes to Tanisha and asks are you fine, sorry, you were panicking, so I had to get rude to explain you, I don’t know what happened to Ayaan, something affected his mind. Nurse says no one had come. Doctor asks did you talk to the patient, or with anyone else in front of him. She says no, I had gone out for 15 mins, Ayaan’s condition got bad, how can he hear everything when he was unconscious. He says he can fear and understand, though he can’t react. Nurses look for Faltu. They see her hurt and take her. A nurse scolds Faltu. Another nurse asks Faltu is everything fine. Faltu thinks I didn’t do right, but I feel at peace by saying about my love. Tanisha says Ayaan is better, we shouldn’t give him stress. The family gets happy. Savita says we will take care of him once he comes home. Janardhan asks what are you doing there, come home, you will get unwell, don’t worry, we will shift Ayaan home. He asks Savita not to cry.

He consoles her. Dadi says bad won’t happen with Ayaan, Kinshuk go and pick Tanisha. Govind says no need, Sid has taken food for Tanisha, he didn’t get an entry, he is sitting in the car, I will call him, he will get Tanisha. Janardhan asks when did Sid become so sensible, Ayaan is making mistakes because of Faltu, I m so proud of Sid, ask him to get Tanu home. Its morning, doctor checks Faltu’s eyes. She says I can’t see. Charan asks her what happened, isn’t she able to see. Doctor says operation is successful, she could see light, she will recover slowly, she will get to see everything gradually. He asks Faltu to wear black goggles and give rest to her eyes. Jamuna says you can see now. She asks can I play the cricket match after a month, will my eyesight come. Doctor says its difficult but not impossible. The family takes Faltu with them. They see Tanisha and Sid. Jamuna asks who are they. Charan says she is Ayaan’s wife and he is his younger brother. He asks how is Ayaan now. Tanisha says he is better now, how are you Faltu. Faltu says I m fine. Tanisha says I m glad that my hardwork didn’t go waste, didn’t you know it. Faltu says no. Tanisha says tell me the truth, didn’t you think how 20 lakhs got arranged for you overnight, you didn’t know the name of the donor, I had given the 20 lakhs for your operation. Faltu is shocked.

Tanisha says I m the angel because of whom you are dreaming of getting your eyesight back, I didn’t wish to tell this, but situation has become such, now I feel light, this is the reason for Ayaan’s accident. Faltu asks what’s the connection. Tanisha says Ayaan didn’t know that I m paying for your operation, he came here to know the donor’s name, he argued with Charan, he drove in anger and his car collided with the tree. She cries.

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Sid consoles her. He says Tanu is saying the truth, she didn’t want your dream to stay incomplete. Faltu asks what was the need, we would have arranged money. He says she did it to make you fine, so that Ayaan’s focus comes on his married life. Tanisha says Ayaan got your responsibility, he was worried, you lost your eyesight, he lost his peace, I couldn’t see him worrying because of you, so I helped you for his peace. Sid says you will get your eyesight back, Tanu will ask her mom and get your admission in cricket academy, your and Tanu’s dreams will complete. Tanisha says I don’t want Ayaan to worry for you, he should be satisfied that you are happy, he can move on in life. Faltu holds her hand and says I m happy in my life, I want Ayaan to stay happy, I want to become a cricketer and fulfil my dad’s dreams. Tanisha says I know, I promise I will get your admission done. Faltu falls in her feet and thanks her. Tanisha asks her to get up.

Faltu says I will return your money. Tanisha says this is not needed. Faltu says I can never will return your favor. Tanisha thinks trust me, you can return the favor by staying away from Ayaan. Tanisha says I will make everything fine in your life. Jamuna says you are a Devi, I will pray for your and Ayaan’s happiness. Charan says take care of Ayaan, we will go now. Faltu says its my promise, no sorrow will come in your and Ayaan’s lives, you both are made for each other, I will try my best that nobody comes in your life. Faltu goes with her family. Tanisha says we should keep an eye on Faltu, I don’t want any risk, we will get her admission in cricket academy, she will get under my favor and never think of Ayaan. She goes. Sid says I can’t stay happy seeing my love with someone else, you may do planning and plotting to make them away, but I will get Ayaan and Faltu close. Doctor says Ayaan is fine now, make sure he doesn’t take stress. Savita goes to Ayaan and says thank God you are fine. He says I m fine, don’t worry. Dadi asks him how did this happen, where was your focus. He thinks of Charan’s words. Savita asks why are you asking this, we know Faltu is responsible for his condition. Ayaan asks did Faltu’s operation go well, is she fine. Tanisha comes and says Faltu is fine.

Tanisha says I have solved your problem. Ayaan says you are right, she is thankless, her entire family is thankless.