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Faltu 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu proves Ayaan innocent



Faltu 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kanika taunting Faltu about Ruhaan and Shanaya. She says Tanu and I are going to London after the auction, thanks and sorry if we made any mistake. Dadi says its good, we don’t have to see their face now. Faltu says Ruhaan has bought the business already. Ruhaan cares for Shanaya. At home, everyone worries for Ayaan. Janardhan says we are trying to get proof before hearing. Faltu says we are trying our best. Savita says I just want my son back. Tanu looks on. Harsh says when Ayaan comes back, then we will shift from here. Kinshuk says yes. Harsh says Suhana, your exam result was coming. Suhana says I failed in two subjects. He asks what, you didn’t tell me. She says I couldn’t study because of tension. Tanu looks on and feels bad. Everyone goes. Tanu stops Faltu and asks her to take her help. She says everyone has hopes from you. Faltu says I will find the proof myself. Sid hears them and thinks where did Tanu hide those papers.

Some men see the car parked and steal it. Its morning, Dadi says we have no proof to save Ayaan. Savita asks for how long shall Ayaan stay in jail. They all decide to go and meet Ayaan. Faltu lights the diya and prays for Ayaan. Sid asks Tanu to come, they are getting late. Kanika asks didn’t she come, did she tell you about the files, Faltu shouldn’t get it. Tanu says don’t worry, its safe and Faltu can’t reach it. Tanu gets a call. The man says the car is stolen. Tanu scolds him and worries. She says the car got stolen. Kanika is shocked.

They all go to the court. Ayaan’s lawyer Ram defends him. Tanu’s lawyer says Ram is just whitewashing Ayaan’s image. Ram says I want the judge to come with me outside the court, its my request, it can prove Ayaan’s innocence, please. The judge agrees. Everyone goes out. The judge says you have got me here, what do you want to show. Faltu comes in the car and gets the files. She hands it over to Ram. Kanika and Tanu worry. Ram says Ayaan’s signs are forged, signature expert has given the report. Tanu says I had sent Brij to village, he is loyal, how did this happen. The judge says you watch films a lot, so this drama is happening, why did you call me here. Ram says I wanted to show this car, its registered on Kanika’s father in law, she is using this car. He shows all the evidences. He says please don’t spare Kanika and Tanisha. Sid thinks check mate Tanu, your mom will have fraud case on her, you can’t leave Mumbai. Faltu and Ayaan smile. Everyone goes back inside the courtroom. The judge says Ayaan is innocent, someone has forged his signs and tried to frame him in the fraud case, the court frees him and orders the police to find the real culprit. Ayaan and his family smile. Faltu thanks Matarani.


Faltu brings Ayaan home. Savita welcomes them. He hugs Savita. Shanaya comes and asks why are you worried, I will stay with you for a few days.



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