Faltu 25th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu stays annoyed with Ayaan


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The Episode starts with Sid and Sumitra talking. Faltu hides and hears them. Sid says no one wants to forgive Tanu, so we want to leave the house. Sumitra says we will talk to Faltu, she will understand, if she sees that we are regretting our mistakes, she will help us. Sid says I don’t think she will help. Sumitra says once you leave, you can’t come back. Faltu comes in front and says she is right, you don’t need to go, I will talk to Janardhan, I can’t let the family break. Sumitra smiles. Ruhaan says you want to take revenge for Kanika’s arrest. Tanu says yes, Ayaan and Faltu for her arrested, how is Shanaya. He says she isn’t fine, I m sending her to rehab centre. She says we should join hands. They shake hands. He asks what’s the plan. She says we will show Ayaan that Faltu and you have an affair. She explains the plan. She says we will build such a wall between them that they never unite, party is happening at home, we will attack them and make this party last one for them.

Its morning, Janardhan gets ready. Faltu asks him to slow down. She says you are showing excitement to go to office. He says I m going after a long time. She gets his medicines. She asks him to go after few days. He says I will get better after going there. She asks do you know Ruhaan. He says no. Ayaan comes and hears them. Janardhan says I know you love cricket a lot, shall I talk to the academy head. She says no, Ayaan is imp to me than cricket, can we call Ayesha home, everything is becoming like before, family should be together. He says right, I will talk to Ayesha’s dad. She says one more thing, don’t get angry, can we forgive Tanu and Sid, Tanu saved Dadi’s life, she is trying to change, we should forgive her, party is going to happen and family should be together. Janardhan says I will think and tell you. Ayaan comes and says I have to be with family today and plan for the party. Janardhan says Faltu should look the best in the party. Faltu says its okay. Ayaan says fine, I have no problem, tell her to come downstairs in 10 mins. He goes. Janardhan says everything will be fine, you lied and you know he hates lies, give him some time, you know his anger. He goes. Tanu comes and gets Faltu’s clothes from the cupboard. Faltu says I m annoyed with Ayaan, I won’t go anywhere. Tanu hides from her. Faltu says this smell, Tanu applies such perfume. Kinshuk comes and asks Faltu to come, Ayaan is waiting for her. He asks her not to fight and come. She refuses. He takes her. Tanu leaves.

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She goes to meet Ruhaan. She says Ayaan and Faltu aren’t getting separated, we have to do something to separate them. He says I hate them more. Faltu and everyone check the clothes. She says we will take this saree for Ayesha. Kinshuk asks why, she won’t come. She says I spoke to dad, Ayesha will come, the family will be together, I asked dad to forgive Sid and Tanu, we will buy clothes for them also, they will like it. Ayaan asks her to buy something for herself.

Kinshuk, Harsh and Kumkum make an excuse and leave. Faltu says I don’t want any saree. She goes. Ayaan goes after her and asks why didn’t you take it. She says I don’t like it. They argue. She leaves. He gets sad.

Janardhan asks Ayaan and Faltu to sort their issues and appear like a strong couple in the party. Ayaan says I m ready, you ask Faltu.