Faltu 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu visits Ayaan


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The Episode starts with Tanu asking doctor to save Ayaan. Savita cries for Ayaan. Doctor says there is nothing to worry, everything will be fine. Savita says Faltu has become Ayaan’s enemy. Sumitra asks nurse to take care of Ayaan. They all go out. Faltu says just ask them if Ayaan is okay. Neil asks why shall we call, his family will take care of him. Dada ji says I will call Janardhan. Janardhan gets another doctor home. He gets Dada ji’s call. Dada ji asks how is Ayaan. Janardhan says doctor has come to see him, I will call you and update. Faltu says I can’t wait, I m going there.

Savita says doctor said Ayaan’s lungs are affected, please make new divorce papers, he will sign the divorce papers, I can’t tolerate Faltu with him, it will be good if they get divorced. Dadi asks her to stop blaming Faltu. Faltu says I didn’t know Ayaan will do this. Dada ji says if they scold you again, then… She says I don’t care, I will make Ayaan fine. She leaves. Doctor says Ayaan can hear everything, don’t talk anything stressful, he will feel better in 2-3 days, we should let him rest. Tanu says Ayaan, we are with you. Savita says I will be with Ayaan. Doctor says take rest, you would be tired. Dada ji says I think I should inform Janardhan about Faltu. Neil says I m going there. Dada ji asks why. Neil asks how will she fight them alone, I have to go. Dada ji says she is their bahu, she will deal with them, its her personal matter, we have no right to talk in her matter. Neil says you made her granddaughter, now you are saying we can’t talk in her matter, I know the pain one gets in love, I m going. Faltu comes home. Dadi hugs her. Janardhan asks Faltu to speak to Ayaan, he will recover soon. Tanu stops Faltu.

Savita says I don’t want you to meet him. Janardhan asks what’s this, let her meet Ayaan. Savita argues. Sid and Kinshuk ask them to let Faltu meet Ayaan, he will get fine. Savita says no way. Faltu says let me meet him once. Tanu scolds her.

Sid asks Tanu to keep manners. Savita says she isn’t saying wrong, we know Faltu doesn’t care for Ayaan, we didn’t think she will change so soon. Janardhan says stop it Savita, don’t test my patience. Savita scolds Faltu. Dadi asks how can you become Ayaan’s enemy. Savita says Faltu is his enemy, get out Faltu. Sumitra says Faltu, you signed the divorce papers, you have no relation with him now, just go. Faltu says he also signed it but came to convince me, he has torn the papers, I m his wife legally, no one has a right to stop me, you can curse me, but his happiness is with me, its our personal matter, you all have no right to speak in between. Dadi says amazing, you are right. Savita says she is misbehaving. Faltu says I will make Ayaan fine and then go. Tanu says I won’t let you go back to Ayaan. Sid says I won’t let you stop her. Faltu goes upstairs. She meets Ayaan. She says I m his wife, you can tell me if there is anything. Dadi says Faltu will stay here with Ayaan. Neil comes home.

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He says I m waiting for someone, I will wait here. Guard says you can’t wait here, go inside. Neil says I don’t want to go inside. He plays music. Guard goes in and says a man has come, he said he came for Faltu. Kinshuk says I will see. Tanu says I will see. Dadi says Ayaan will get fine soon. Doctor says we will just come.

Dadi says I m glad you are back. Faltu says I have no courage now, I can’t hear everyone’s taunts. Tanu sees Neil and says he came to meet Faltu, what magic she does on guys. She asks Neil to come, Faltu is inside. Neil says I m waiting for her. She insists and takes him inside.

Faltu says a relation can’t be kept one sided. Dadi says he loves you a lot. Faltu says he doesn’t love me, he is ashamed of his mistake, Ruhaan told the truth, so he came to me, else he would have never come to me, he had signed divorce papers also, I don’t want anything, once he gets fine, I will leave from this house.

Ayaan wakes up and says Faltu. Tanu and Savita accuse Faltu and Neil.