Faltu 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan and Faltu prepare for the play


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The Episode starts with Ayaan asking the lady is she okay. She says yes, thanks for saving my life. Shashank says Jai Mahadev, I was looking for you, the guy who was playing Shiv ji, he got hurt, I request you to become Shiv ji. Ayaan asks how can I play the role. Shashank says Shiv ji chose you. Guru ji says there is no harm in trying. Ayaan agrees. Shashank asks him to come and rehearse with Parvati ji. Ayaan goes.

Charan talks to Jamuna and says Ruhaan denied to know about Faltu, Ayaan is at some ashram, I pray that they come home and stay together. Tanu comes. Charan says its my mistake to send her here. She thinks you should have stopped her in the beginning, I would have stayed happy with Ayaan. Shashank says strange, Shiv and Parvati got changed, come and meet Parvati. Ayaan looks on. Tanu says Ayaan has accused Faltu, she is strong, I told Ayaan everything, he isn’t agreeing to believe, he said we are lying and he doesn’t trust Faltu, he will come back and give divorce to Faltu. He asks what. She says Faltu is like my sister, he never valued relations, I m happy to leave Ayaan and get a loving husband like Sid. He prays for Faltu. The girl says Parvati ji went to fix her costume, don’t worry, she remembers her lines. Shashank asks Ayaan to rehearse the lines with him.

Ayaan and Faltu read the lines. Sid says we will go on dinner. Tanu says everyone is worried at home, its not a good idea. Sid says go and get ready, my friends are also coming. She thinks I m worried about Ayaan and Faltu. She says try and understand, it won’t look good if we go out. Sid says I took Janardhan’s permission, he is happy that we are focussing on our lives, get ready and come soon. Tanu gets Faltu’s video and calls the manager. He says I have helped you, don’t tell this to Ruhaan. She asks does Ruhaan know about it. He says yes, he went to the ashram. Faltu rehearses the lines. Ayaan passes by and stops. He knocks the door. Tanu calls Ruhaan. Ruhaan is on the way. Ayaan says if Faltu and Ayaan are at the same ashram then, no, I should talk to Ruhaan. Shashank asks Ayaan to go and try the costume, meet Parvati ji on the stage, come. Ayaan goes. The lady asks Faltu to come. Faltu asks did they find new Shiv ji. The lady says yes, he has gone for getting his costume. Sid says come fast, we will miss the movie. Tanu says I was thinking to go out for a few days, like Nasik, we will feel good there. Sid asks when do you want to go. She says right now, we will meet Ayaan there. He says so you want to go there to meet Ayaan, not to spend time with me. She says I mean he would be around, we will see him, you know his mental health. Sid says I will go anywhere with you. She says cool, we will tell the family after coming back. He says as you say.

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Guru ji says we will start with the aarti. Ayaan and Faltu get ready for the play. Savita says Ayaan is a kid, I want to see him. Tanu says no need to go anywhere. Charan says I will also come along, I m coming from police station. Tanu worries. Faltu says I didn’t practice with new Shiv ji. The lady says if he is ready, I will call him. Shashank says aarti is going on. Faltu says I will come to attend aarti. He asks Faltu not to come out, else there won’t be any surprise. Ayaan rehearses his lines. Harsh says Janardhan is coming home and wants to talk to everyone, he asked everyone not to go out. Tanu says Sid and I will get Ayaan home, we will be back in sometime. They leave.

Ruhaan comes to the ashram and meets Guru ji. The lady says its time to start the play. Guru ji says okay, give aarti to everyone. Sid says if anyone finds us in Nasik, it will be a big problem. Tanu says our romantic long trip will become a family trip, come with me. Ayaan and Faltu come for the play.

Faltu cries and thinks of Ayaan. A guy is seen dancing.