Falaq Naaz’s mother talks about her daughter’s journey in Bigg Boss OTT 2; slams Abhishek Malhan’s brother for roasting their family

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Falaq Naaz’s mother talks about her daughter’s journey in Bigg Boss OTT 2; slams Abhishek Malhan’s brother for roasting their family

In a recent interview, Kehekshan, the mother of Falaq Naaz, shared her thoughts on various aspects related to her daughter’s participation in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Kehekshan discussed Falaq’s motivations for joining the reality show, her equation with fellow contestant Avinash Sachdev, and addressed the issue of Abhishek Malhan’s brother roasting their family and hurling abuses.

Kehekshan firmly expressed her disapproval of the trend of roasting, equating it with insulting others. She emphasized that if her children were to make money by engaging in such behavior, it would be insulting to her. She highlighted that their family, like any other, has its fair share of disagreements and imperfections, but they strive to resolve conflicts internally. Kehekshan believed that personal matters should not be subjected to public scrutiny or judgment, and that attacking someone’s emotions is a despicable act.

She also addressed the issue of abusive behavior by certain followers, specifically mentioning Abhishek Malhan’s followers who engage in derogatory comments on other contestants’ profiles. Kehekshan expressed disappointment and stated that she would never be proud of followers who exhibit such behavior. She criticized the use of vulgar language and directed her message toward those followers, emphasizing that their actions may cost Falaq the trophy.

Furthermore, Kehekshan condemned the abusive behavior not only towards their family but also towards the show’s makers, host Salman Khan, and the platform itself. She questioned the rationale behind Abhishek’s participation in the show, considering his popularity, suggesting that a separate season should have been dedicated to him.

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Speaking about Falaq’s bond with Avinash Sachdev, Kehekshan mentioned that Bigg Boss is not just a game show for Falaq; it is a personal test and a new experience in her career. She affirmed her trust in Falaq’s decisions and expressed confidence in her ability to make the right choices. Regarding Falaq’s friendship with Avinash, Kehekshan stated that while she personally doesn’t know him, Falaq has found him to be trustworthy inside the show based on what she has observed. Kehekshan acknowledged Avinash’s loyalty towards Jiya, emphasizing that the connections formed within the show are genuine, as it is the first time Falaq is meeting her fellow contestants.

Through her interview, Kehekshan highlighted the need for respect, understanding, and support in the context of reality shows, urging fans to refrain from abusive behavior and maintain a positive environment.