Erica Fernandes finds work opportunities unaffected despite relocating to Dubai

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Erica Fernandes finds work opportunities unaffected despite relocating to Dubai

Erica Fernandes, known for her roles in popular Indian shows like Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, made the decision to shift her base to Dubai in March of this year. Despite the change in location, Erica remains confident about her career prospects. She asserts, “My location does not matter when it comes to getting work.”

During a recent interview, the actress shared her motivation behind the move and said, “I wanted to explore a new market and expand my professional horizons. That drive led me to make the decision to relocate.” Dubai, with its diverse population and international appeal, provides an ideal platform for Erica to work with individuals from various nationalities.

As an entrepreneur, Erica has established her own production house and event management company in Dubai. She acknowledges that this new venture presents exciting challenges that demand considerable effort and time. Initially, she had reservations about the move, recognizing the personal and professional obstacles that come with relocating to a different country. However, Erica firmly believes that taking risks can lead to invaluable experiences and personal growth.

When asked if she worries about finding acting projects in India now, Erica remains unfazed. She shares, “Not really. Despite my relocation, I have been fortunate to receive offers. Since Dubai is just a three-hour flight away from Mumbai, it feels like I am still within reach of the industry. I have traveled for projects in the past, and it has never been a significant hindrance.” Erica holds the belief that her talent, passion, and determination will continue to attract opportunities, regardless of her geographical location.

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Erica Fernandes confidently embraces her new chapter in Dubai, demonstrating that her career journey transcends borders and that her dedication and abilities will continue to pave the way for success.