Elvish Yadav Reveals Delay in Receiving Rs 25 Lakh Prize from Bigg Boss OTT 2

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Elvish Yadav Reveals Delay in Receiving Rs 25 Lakh Prize from Bigg Boss OTT 2

Elvish Yadav, who recently won hearts with a teaser for his upcoming music video alongside Urvashi Rautela, sat down for a candid interview with Shehnaaz Gill. The beloved Bigg Boss contestants engaged in a heartfelt conversation on Shehnaaz’s chat show, ‘Desi Vibes with Shehnaaz.’

During the interview, Elvish made a surprising revelation, sharing that he has yet to receive the Rs 25 lakh prize money from the makers of Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Elvish Yadav used the platform to discuss his Bigg Boss journey, upcoming projects, and more. The YouTuber and reality show star disclosed that he once believed there was an unwritten “rule” that a wildcard contestant couldn’t win the show. However, he learned from the makers that the winner would be determined solely by the majority of votes. He went on to inform Shehnaaz that he has not yet received his cash prize.

He expressed, “Initially, I thought that it was their rule that a wild card entrant couldn’t win. When I entered, I asked them at least 100 times, ‘Is it all based on votes, right? I hope there isn’t a rule that even if a wild card gets votes, they can’t win.’”

The conversation took a lighter turn when Shehnaaz and Elvish playfully discussed having multiple phones. Shehnaaz inquired about Elvish’s plans for purchasing his fourth phone, to which Elvish humorously responded, “I’ll buy my fourth phone when I receive the Rs 25 lakh cash prize from Bigg Boss.” A surprised Shehnaaz remarked, “You still haven’t received it? That’s not good.”

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Elvish then shared insights into his upcoming projects, confirming that he has received offers for several reality shows and is considering taking up one of them.