Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Purushottam is on a strike.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Ramji admits that early marriage is wrong. Meera agrees, Deepak is too young for marriage, it’s his time to play and learn. Shoba agrees, she isn’t against it but it’s too early for Deepak. Purushottam refuse, he will not listen to anyone in regard to his son. Bhim Rao stops him. Purushottam refuses to let anyone interfere; he drags Deepak upstairs. Shoba asks everyone not to worry, she will handle it. Everyone leaves. Ramji admits his mistake of getting Rama and Bhim Rao married young in age.

Deepak doesn’t want to get married; he questions Purushottam for misbehaving with Bhim Rao. Purushottam argues. Shoba tries to free Deepak’s hand from Deepak’s grip. Purushottam pushes Shoba back and leaves.
Purushottam was leaving the chawl, Hitesh and others announced their support Purushottam in this fight. They will forget the past. Purushottam tells that he is still there men. Hitesh questions. He takes everyone to treat them with alcohol.

Bhim Rao tells Meer and Rama about the kinds of people he came across today, Deepak’s friends who want a part in Bhim Rao’s success, on the other hand, men like Purushottam who doesn’t want his son to educate. People have no future prospects; Purushottam wants Deepak to marry at all costs. Meera asks her not to worry, so she goes to give Lakshmi medicine. Lakshmi has fever. Bhim Rao tells Rama about another issue; he wants to buy those children new copies but doesn’t have enough money. Rama asks him not to worry, will handle everything. Ramji, hearing their conversation wonders how.

The manager tells Vaijnath that people mocked Bhim Rao for his questions. Vaijnath laughs as well, wants to make sure that Bhim Rao doesn’t enter the office again. They find Joku, Purushottam and others drunk and unconsciously lying on street. Vaijnath informs the manager about these men being Bhim Rao’s enemies and from his chawl. They will be a great asset to them against Bhim Rao. Vaijnath will show the manager how to use them. Vaijnath wakes everyone up, questions them for lying here. Joku tells them about Joku and his issues. Purushottam asks Vaijnath, Bhim Rao is no one to decide for his son. He has the right to decide for his son. Vaijnath agrees, asks him to talk up to Bhim Rao in front of everyone in chawl, meanwhile learn how Bhim Rao fights and do the same. Hitesh asks Purushottam to listen to Vaijnath. The manager will invite everyone for an alcoholic party if they succeed. Vaijnath wants everyone to support Purushottam.

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Shoba asks everyone not to worry about Purushottam. They don’t care if he left or not, Deepak doesn’t want him to run. Purushottam barges into the chawl questioning why he would leave. Deepak questions him for coming back, he pushed Shoba yesterday. Purushottam slapped Deepak, he will fight for the right values, he has a right over his son and will fight for it. He hopes that Bhim Rao will support him, until than he sits on a strike. Hitesh and others sit down in support. Purushottam will not eat or drink until his wishes are fulfilled.

Vaijnath tells the Manager who he has trapped Bhim Rao. The manager laughs, the internal matter would make Bhim Rao forget about his job.

Bhim Rao thinks that everyone Purshottam and everyone else have an invalid demand. Shoba asks Bhim Rao to leave for work, she will handle the rest. Deepak wants to accompany Bhim Rao. The lower caste people come to chawl, they support Bhim Rao in everything, but they cannot see their children’s book being torn into pieces, they earn those copies after a lot of hard work., Bhim Rao understands, apologies for his mistake. Rama questions, wants him to tell people about him thinking to cover the damage, Bhim Rao assures everyone that he will buy their children new copies. Everyone leaves. Purushottam asks Bhim Rao to satisfy his demand as well. Shoba wants Purushottam to sit on the strike and suffer everything Bhim Rao goes through. It is easier said than done. Deepak asks his father to see what it’s alike being in Bhim Rao’s shoe.

The Episode Ends.