Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th June 2023 Written Episode Update: The guard pours chemical on Bhim Rao’s hand.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Rama asks Karuna about Bala’s behavior. Karuna is unaware, he got made at her for finding work though she used to do that before. Lakshmi thinks that he might be getting mad at her for something else. Karuna wonders what is bothering her, doesn’t want to talk to her in anger. Phuliya tells that the husband wants to treat their wife with love, anger, and disrespect according to their wish. Karuna once told Phuliya that suffering pain makes us weak. Bala has no right to yell at Karuna in front of everyone. Rama thinks that it’s not the right time to talk to Bala. Phuliya tells that Hitesh, Manohar and Joku are sitting outside with Bala, they will make him go mad. Karuna knows how to handle her husband, she can handle the people fueling his mind. Karuna is sure that no one can create boundaries between her and her husband. Karuna recalls Jijabai mummering something into Bala’s ears.

Jijabai happily recalls what happened between Karuna and Bala. Karuna asks Jijabai what she said to her husband. Bala heard; Jijabai tells that no one else needs to know. Karuna forbids her from messing with her and Bala, Jijabai reminded that she asked Karuna the same thing, but she refused. Karuna doesn’t like fighting with Jijabai, she is telling her not to cross the limits or Jijabai will face the consequences. Jijabai was about to slap Karuna, she stops her, she isn’t Rama or Lakshmi. Karuna will have no regard for anyone, she leaves. Jijabai plans to break Bala and Karuna’s relationship to unamendable measures.

Bhim Rao meditates in college, Ramji and Rama brings him dinner. Rama thinks that Bhim Rao is suffering, Ramji thinks Bhim Rao should focus on his paper only. Rama calls him, she has brought him food. Ramji asks what is bothering him, he wants to help. Bhim Rao learned something, that society is divided into tow parts, one is the rigid bloc while the other is like his principal who needs to be taught what is right for everyone. Bhim Rao has decided to devise a new strategy to fight his battles. Ramji agrees, advises Bhim Rao to keep in contact with likeminded upper caste, their methods will be a help to eradicate caste difference one day. Rama serves him dinner. The guard standing with Vaipal outside of the door was listening to Bhim Rao, he was against it. Vaipal wanted the guard to know this, he was infuriated at him for considering equality an option. Vaipal gives the guard the poison to pour on Bhim Rao’s hands once he sleeps.

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Bhim Rao takes Rama home, asks Bhim Rao to prepare, they will leave for home after tomorrow’s test. Bhim Rao stops Rama, holds her hand telling her that it gives him strength, feels that he can win any fight with her by his side. Rama loves how he is talking to her after being away for few days. Rama asks if he will talk the same after staying abroad or away from her. Bhim Rao leaves her hands; she holds it back. Rama likes her husband holding her hand, he has the right. She realized that their relationship doesn’t fight over rights, what If every relationship was like that.

Vaijnath, his son, and teacher wait outside to find out what happened. The teacher asks him to wait, Bhim Rao screams will be heard from outside once he chemically touches his skin. They are eager to hear him.

Rama and Ramji come out; the guard goes in. He finds Bhim Rao sleeping. The guard approaches him, Bhim Rao wakes up in fear. He sleeps again, the pours the chemical on his hand. He screams in pain; Vaijnath and his men laugh hearing them. Bhim Rao continues screaming.

The Episode Ends