Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Maloji steals money for Bhim Rao.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Maloji asks if they should consider their defeat. Shoba refuse, they will try their best but not return as loser. Maloji can not give up on this dream.

Maloji wonders what to do, he will do everything to help his friend. He notices a man struggling to breath, Sethji collapses. Maloji tries to help the man, he open’s his bag to fins bundles of money in it. The man had already fainted. Maloji decided to take the man to hospital.

Bhim Rao thinks that his destination is at the Palace. They cannot collect enough money to send him abroad. Meera wonders if a miracle takes place. Bhim Rao doesn’t believe in them, tomorrow will tell the truth.

Next morning, Jijabai serves everyone tea. Hitesh compliments Jijabai for making tasteful tea for them since her family members left. Jijabai will make tea for everyone only if Ramji returns. Janardan tells that they will be returning today. Joku wants to see the treasure they have collected.

Bhim Rao couldn’t find his glasses; he called Rama to find them. He realizes after a while that Rama isn’t here, he found the glasses in his front pocket. Bhim Rao wants Rama to come back so she could tell her his miseries. Meera tells Bhim Rao that everyone has returned.

Jijabai asks Ramji how he is. Ramji is upset. He wasn’t able to collect even half of the required money. The palace official arrives asking Bhim Rao for his decision. Ramji requests a few more days. The official refuse to negotiate, he will take Bhim Rao now and anyone halting the decision would be a terrorist. Bhim Rao will accompany him; he will bring his luggage. Rama wants to help. Bhim Rao refuses to take help from someone who ran away. Maloji stops Bhim Rao, he has the money. Maloji takes out a bundle of notes, gave it to Ramji. Hitesh questions Ramji for lying before. Rama tells that he didn’t inform anyone. Bhim Rao investigates the money. Maloji earned it in a wrestling match. Ramji gives the official the money, request him to wait for tea. Bhim Rao brings the official a chair to sit on.

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Janardan informs Vaijnath about the chawl members returning with the money. Vaijnath questions, Janardan tells that they were short of the money, but Maloji filled the void. Janardan thinks that the stole the money. Sethji sitting next to Vaijnath wants to be taken to Maloji, tells that someone took him to hospital yesterday, when he woke up, he was short of some money. Vaijnath accompanies Sethji.

The official enjoys his tea. Ramji gave him the money. Vaijnath interrupts. Sethji slaps Maloji for stealing his money. Jijabai and Hitesh taunt everyone for sending Bhim Rao abroad from stolen money. Bhim Rao will return the money. Maloji requests Sethji to help him like he did last night. He didn’t steal his entire bag, just took the money needed for his friend. Maloji begs him, so does everyone else. Sethji loves seeing everyone beg for his money. Maloji knows that Sethi earns money by selling alcohol. He read his business papers in that briefcase as well. Vaijnath runs the same business and taunts lower caste for their status. Bhim Rao stops Maloji. Sethji questions Maloji, he leaves. Vaijnath will deal with Maloji later, asks Sethji to take his money and leave. Bhim Rao returns Sethji his money. The palace official will take Bhim Rao with him now.

The Episode Ends.