Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ramji apologizes to Karuna

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Karuna gets excited and starts celebrating with Rama praising her for it all. Ramji tells Mira that Karuna has become Jija Bai because he asked her to leave this house with Bala but she replied this house also belongs to her so she will not leave it. Ramji says he felt nice when she said it because she understands this house also belongs to her but the way she said it, he felt a bit bad, Ramji tells Mira that he is tensed for the first time because he would have handled Jija Bai as she is his wife but how would he convince Karuna because there are a lot of barriers between them both and he does not know what to do. Mira asks Ramji to not be worried as Karuna would understand that Jija Bai is doing this due to her own personal gains, and just as she said that this house belongs to her then would also start recognizing them very soon, and become just like before.

Karuna says that Rama has saved her life by getting the job otherwise she would have died and who knows what would have happened, Karuna shuns Rama saying this is what Rama desired that she should say but she is not feeling glad about it because Rama and her husband corrected the mistake that she made and then what sort of praise should they get. Jija Bai agrees with Karuna saying what should they say to her, Lakshmi mentions that she has understood that these words belong to Jija Bai, Karuna angrily pushes lakshmi but Aanad catches her asking if she is fine and questions Karuna what is she doing, when Karuna says that they must go ask baba why did he ask her to leave this house when both Rama and lakshmi are shocked. Jija Bai says that lakshmi has also become a savior and feels Ramji along with Bhim can never be wrong. Aanad says that baba has made a mistake by asking her to leave this house when Jija Bai exclaims that he should not just stand here but go talk with him, Rama promises to talk with baba right now however says what Karuna did right now is wrong however she says that Bhim and Ramji can not always be right and they should not blindly follow them both, Aanad says it is wrong as they just accept what Bhim is doing to be true so are standing by his side. Karuna says that lakshmi also made a mistake and how can she say that Karuna is talking just like Jija Bai when it is wrong, Jija Bai explains that lakshmi should learn to remain in her limits and talk politely with Karuna who is her elder, Lakshmi gets emotional and follows Karuna who leaves. Jija Bai stops Rama from leaving, she says that they all are mad because the real fight is between Bhim and herself so Rama should not be worried about them pushing each other and think if Karuna become Jija Bai then what sort of peace would remain in this house, she should go and talk with baba after thinking about it.

Ramji tells Bhim that the fight would be even worse because they have to convince the people in Pune to help Puran but had they sided with him then he would not be arrested. Bala says they have to fight to which Ramji agrees saying this fight is from Bombay and Pune, Bala says they would fight till Pune, Rama comes telling Bala that Karuna would not allow him to go with them, Bala asks what problem would she have with it when Rama says that they even have to ask baba why did he ask Karuna to leave this house. Bala gets furious questioning why did he do it because Karuna is the one due to which he returned to the house and now how would he seek her permission, Bala leaves when Bhim tells Ramji that it is wrong, Ramji says that he also made the decision after due consideration and not anyone can come and say anything to him.

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Bala tells Karuna that he accepts that she would be hurt because she is the one who asked him to come back and live so now they would not live here for even a single day but Karuna refuses to leave saying they would take their right from this house, Bala says that she came here to live with the family but now that Ramji himself has asked her to leave then what is the point in staying here, Karuna refuses to leave so Bala agrees but says he will go with baba and Bhim for Pune. Karuna refuses to allow him when Bala says he does not want to fight with her and she can stay here but he is going to stand by his brother, Karuna forces him to stop saying he would only go to tell Bala that he will not go, Bala asks Karuna to not be stubborn and leave his hand after which they both start struggling, Jija Bai while eating exclaims for the first time she feels that there is spice in the house and her life had become normal but now it has become exciting.

Ramji asks would he have allowed another enemy to be born in this house, ira says that Ramji had to take the decision in this house for him but Bhim says that it is all wrong because he is fine with another enemy, Karuna would also have become like Jija Bai but now the people would blame Ramji for believing in Bhim so much that he does not see anyone else including Bala and Aanad, Rama asks Baba to go and tell them that he said it in anger, Mira says this problem would increase with time, Bhim says they should let it grow because with the increased problems their strength also increases. Ramji leaves. Mira tells Bhim that Jija Bai and Karuna can make everyone else fall in their trap while she and his father are always by their side but Bhim would be separated from his brothers. Bhim holds the hand of Rama saying he has her support and he would be able to do anything by her support. Mira blesses them both.

Bala asks Karuna to let go of his hand when she says that she knows he would not go to Pune, Ramji calls Karuna saying that Bala will not go to Pune. Ramji says he has come to apologize to her as he should not have asked her to leave the house, when Ramji says that she should live in this house but he desires to say something, Karuna explains he wants her to not get involved with Bhim and Rama but she would surely argue with them since they live in this same house, Bala tries to argue but Karuna leaves telling Ramji that he has finally accepted she is also a member of this house. Ramji asks Bala to never be a husband like her that a husband desires something else then his wife and not able to stop her even if he desires.

Sethji says they would have to publish the news praising Bhim Rao because he is going to leave for Pune, the son of Meghnat says that Bhim Rao is going to win the second battle when Sethji advises Meghant to go to Pune right now and convince the people from whom Bhim is going to collect the proof to be against him, Meghnat agrees then asks his son to handle everything here while he will go to Pune right now so who knows they might win the battle in the city of Pune and get rid of Bhim Rao, Meghant is adamant.