Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Guruji saves Bhim Rao.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, the manager fears Bhim Rao finding a solution, thinks that Bhim Rao finds out about their conspiracy beforehand. Vaipal agrees, Bhim Rao’s confidence is frightening. Vaijnath refuse to take him seriously, he has a solution to all the problem. Vaipal questions. Vaijnath will tell in time, for now they need to assure that Bhim Rao neve enters the office again. The manager should alarm his workers. Vaijnath will handle the rest.

Bhim Rao assures that at least one of the people will stand up for it. Vaijanth interrupts, asks Vaipal to read Bhim Rao’s banner out loud. Bhim Rao has asked why he was ousted from his job despite being innocent. Bhim Rao will make this question of the society. Vaijnath orders Vaipal to tear the banner, Bhim Rao stops him, they both have a small fight, at the end Bhim Rao’s shirt get ripped and Vaipal tears the banner. Vaijnath mocks Bhim Rao as his banner and shirt both got ripped. Vaipal will get cleansed, but Bhim Rao wont be able to afford a new shirt. Vaipal tears the paper apart as a response to Bhim Rao’s question, the upper doesn’t care about the lower caste. Everyone agrees, Vaijnath asks everyone to go back to reading newspapers, Bhim Rao can not do anything. Bhim Rao orders Rama to take another paper out. He will continue to write post the question for everyone. Vaijnath questions, Bhim Rao wonders why he is bothered. Vaijnath says that the employees belong to the upper caste. Rama asks Vaijnath to enjoy his life, why afraid of Bhim Rao’s question. Ramji asks them to leave. Rama will continue to pose the questions no matter how many times it gets torn apart. Vaijnath and Vaipal leaves.

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Anand comes to Lakshmi apologizing for his behavior, he will not mistreat her but can not afford to live without her. Lakshmi can not stay away from him as well, but his words hurt her. Anand will not hurt her again but give her love instead. Lakshmi assures that their effort to comprehend each other would ease life for them.

Bala tells Karuna that she knows about his anger issues, he takes it out on her but not again. Incase he gets angry, he will leave. Karuna allows him to get angry but comprehend his issues, understanding his problems wont elevate stress and anger in him. Bala agrees, Karuna hugs him.

Bhim Rao hangs the paper; Vaijnath’s men throw water at it. The upper caste starts laughing, the paper fells. Vaijnath makes fun of Bhim Rao; the upper caste join in to bring bucket of water for next papers. Guruji stops them. Vaijnath taunts Guruji for being Bhim Rao’s teacher. Guruji assures that history has always emerged from a student teacher relation, and a student should be like Bhim Rao. Society teaches violence if it has people like Vaijnath. Bhim Rao agrees, Vaijnath’s people can erase the paper from this board but not the teachings stored in his heart. Guruji assures that Vaijnath will never succeed in winning against a student teacher relation. Guruji gives Bhim Rao his scarf to wipe the water from his body, Bhim Rao takes his blessing afterwards. He realized the place a teacher has in his student’s life. Ramji considers it being the reason a teacher being placed second to father’s place. Rama considers it right time to pay teacher their due salute and praise.

The Episode Ends.