Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Karuna and Lakshmi are dead.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Deepak decides to go to school. Purushottam questions but Shoba stops him. She would prefer her child to be like Bhim Rao and not Hitesh. Purushottam will run the house form now; he is the man of the house.
Bala waits for Karuna, plans to make her massage his feet all night as a punishment or will threaten to leave her. Anand asks about Karuna, Lakshmi was nowhere to be seen as well. Bala doesn’t care.
Karuna sits in a corner crying over what Bala said earlier about her dying. Lakshmi does the same.

Next morning, Rama runs in the chawl, everyone got worried. She ran into the house, Bhim Rao, and everyone else followed her out of the chawl. Rama brins them to Lakshmi and Karun’s bodies lying open in the field next to bottles of poison. Rama stops Anand and Bala from touching their bodies, she accuses them murders. Bala questions, he said it in anger, didn’t mean it in real. Anand agrees, they used to fight but didn’t want them to die. Hitesh thinks that Karuna and Lakshmi mistreated Bala and Anand. Bhim Rao questions, he blames his brothers. Anand and Bala ran to their wives, Bala thinks that every husband and wife fight each other, doesn’t mean that the other will kill themselves. Bhim Rao questions, they could have kept them as friends. Ramji tells Anand that nothing matters after one leave. Bala is regretful. Anand is remorseful, wants her wife to wake up. Rama asks Karuna and Lakshmi to get up. They get up, Karuna recalls Rama finding her on verge of taking poison. Karuna cried and told her everything. Rama went to find Lakshmi afterwards, stopped her from suiciding as well. Rama lectures them on being a shame for Bhim Rao in this society. Rama gave them the solution, first took them home to everyone. Ramji and Meera were remorseful, never imagined Bala and Anand mistreating their wives. Bhim Rao wanted Bala and Anand to learn a lesson. He thinks that it’s better to love in life, Bala isn’t a bad person but why did he demand his wife to obey him. He can not make himself a man by beating his wife. he could be a man who is friend to his wife. Hitesh and Joku questions, asks if they should be a slave to their wives. Bhim Rao questions them for making their wives a slave, its best to give their wives some love and confidence, it’s a woman who makes a home. Rama requests Bala and Kaurna to treat their wives rightly.

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Rama feels great after fixing their relationship. Bhim Rao applauds her reaching at the right time or else worse could have happened. Rama wants to know how he decided to fight the battle. Bhim Rao takes her to a newspaper stand; he will use this place as a tool. People come here for two reasons, Ramji tells that there are some people who cannot afford money to buy newspaper while there are some people who choose read paper in open to discuss the news and share opinion. Rama understands that Bhim Rao wants to tell about the discrimination openly. They saw Bhim Rao approaching and stopped him from cursing at their place. Bhim Rao is here to ask help from the intelligent elite. The newspaper office fired him on false accusations, he wants everyone to help him to get the job back. Ramji thinks that their help would change Bhim Rao’s life. The men started laughing, they never cared about the lower caste despite their news being shared in the paper daily. They want Bhim Rao to get help from somewhere else. Bhim Rao has always wanted to unite society; this is the first time he has reached that place. Since today, he initiates the fight to attain his rightful place. A man grabs a stick to end the fight here, Rama stops the man from hitting Bhim Rao. A stick can neither break nor stop Bhim Rao. Ramji tells that Bhim Rao is being followed by Rama, Ramji and eventually everyone else. They question Ramji for encroaching on their land. Bhim Rao wants to be like them, they want to share the place with the upper caste. The upper caste wants to know what they ought to do. Bhim Rao wants paper, ink, and a pen. He starts writing on paper. The men make fun of him. Bhim Rao puts up a questions, aiming to get his job back from it.

The Episode Ends.