Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shoba drags Purushottam out of the chawl.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Bhim Rao questions the police officer about Vaijnath threatening them. Everyone complaint about Vaijnath troubling their lives. Police officer advised them to submit to Vaijnath’s demands, him being found is out of question. Rama refuse. Police officer left them helpless, Bhim Rao came aside. Rama sent everyone away while she talks to Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao is thinking of accepting Vaijnath’s demand. Rama questions, his strength has given everyone hope to live, to believe in their quality. Bhim Rao understands her, but everyone will get hurt in the process, no matter the support everyone is scared. If he’s going around telling everyone that he is the only one who is Bhim Rao than its settles. Vaijnath and his sons hear Bhim Rao from the corner. Vaijnath will wait to see Bhim Rao wander around hopeless and helpless. Rama will not let that happen.

At night, Bhim Rao recalls Shoba yelling at her husband while he looks at Purushottam. Rama asks what he is thinking. Bhim Rao wonders why some people are careless to not think of their families, that their actions will cause them pain, for example Purushottam. He left his family 12 years ago, didn’t think twice about Shoba or his son. For 12 years Shoba has been struggling to raise Deepak, live a life, live through the pain of the past. Listening to these struggles hurts Bhim Rao. Rama reminds that he already has a lot on his plate, in order for him to survive he needs to share some of his struggles with everyone else. This will happen tomorrow. She asks him to come inside for dinner, knowing that he won’t eat knowing that someone else is starving. Rama will bring dinner for Purushottam. Deepak knows that Rama is not fond of Purushottam but its moralistic to offer someone food, especially the one sitting Infront of their house. Rama understands.

Rama serves Purushottam dinner; Shoba sees them from her terrace. He thanks Rama, she asks him to keep his thankfulness to himself, she cannot see anyone hungry. Rama left to bring water. Shoba stopped Purushottam, she took his bag and dragged him out of chawl. Rama returned with water, found that he left his place, she searched for him, everyone came out questioning.

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Purshottam questions Shoba, she is taking him out of chawl. He refused. Shoba will make him leave, everyone knows that he left, no one knows that he left as a thief. She still remembers the day he ran away with their savings, all the money and jewelry. She cried while people assumed that she wasn’t enough for him. Shoba wonders what to tell everyone. Shoba informs that no one knows that he is a thief and Bhim Rao who is taking Purushottam’s side while chasing him away. Purushottam accepts his mistake. Shoba loved him from all his heart, and he only broke her, it took a lot of time for her to settle herself. She begs him not to break her again or she will die. She asks him to leave.

Meera came down searching for Shoba. Hitesh thinks that she took Purushottam out of the chawl. Joku thinks that Purushottam left with Shoba. She came back questioning Joku’s audacity to think so. Bhim Rao asks about Purushottam; she informs about her actions. Rama supports Shoba. Bhim Rao wanted to bring Purushottam back. Rama stops him, reminding him that the final decision belonged to Shoba. She took Bhim Rao inside. Anand and Bala think that Shoba was not right for doing so. Karuna and Lakshmi object.

Jijabai refuses to let Ramji go outside, she tells him to stay disconnected from everything else. His wife must be the only thing that matters to him. She loves it when he is quiet.

Meera comes to Shoba in her room. She provides her strength to move on thinking her decision regarding Purushottam the best. Shoba burst into tears. Deepak cried looking at his mother.

The Episode Ends.