Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim accepts that he wrote the article

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sethji asks Bhim Rao to send them away when Bhim turning asks Sethji if he is scared, the people say that they were told that Bhim Rao has done this to become a reporter, the lady explains they have not stopped believing in Bhim Rao so he must tell them the truth just once but Bhim Rao is quiet, they all realize that if Bhim is not saying anything then this means he was forced to ask but Bhim stops them saying that he is the one who wrote all those things and he only did what he felt was right, the people get shocked hearing Bhim say such things.

Jija bai asks both of them to think that the prison along with the bullets might come in the way of Bhim and they would also have to face it, Ramji asks Jija bai to think but she asks if the bullet would change its direction, she says they all should think because she gets scared just thinking it can happen and they all must think if they want to be ready to lose so much in this fight that after all this they wonder why did they not stop Bhim Rao.

The villagers say they can never believe that Bhim Rao would do such a thing to the people of their class for his own sake, Sethji asks what else is there to listen when Bhim Rao is saying it by himself but the villagers still ask him to say that it is false however Bhim Rao replies he does not have anything else to say but is telling the truth. The villagers say that they never thought Bhim Rao would do such a thing but have realized that Bhim Rao has become selfish, they all agree to leave but say that from today they have ended all of the relations with Bhim Rao even when they were not related by blood. Bhim Rao is very sad when Sethji comes asking Bhim Rao if he has understood how difficult it is to be able to fulfill all the desires after becoming a leader. The Landlord comes to them agreeing with Sethji, saying that today only people from his own class were talking against him but now everyone is going to get against him, the landlord says that he even heard them say that Bhim Rao was like a balloon which burst. Bhim Rao asks Sethji why did he not answer his question explaining what would happen if the people entered the office because then everything would be ruined including this office and the respect of Sethji. Bhim Rao says he only lied because this is the office from which he earns a living when the Landlord says but even then the trust of Bhim Rao has ended in everyone. Rama comes saying that the trust which is built by telling false or broken by it can end but not the trust that is made by love and respect. Sethji asks the Landlord to come and have tea when Rama says that he has only come here to conspire against her husband, Rama leaves with Bhim Rao.

Ramji is standing with everyone when his sister says that after thinking a lot she has realized that Bhim must get away from this fight, and along with her all of the other neighbors in the Chawl also say that this time Bhim must not get into the fight because it is very troublesome and anything might happen to them. Jijabai comes saying what would happen with their decision because Ramji needs to take the decision but if it does not happen then one thing is for certain that Bhim will die due to a bullet. They all advise him to take the decision as a father and understand it is important that Bhim remains safe.

Rama tels Bhim that he should have not lied as now everyone has gone against him, Bhim says they were furious and in that anger would have even killed Sethji because if that happens then a lot of people would have gotten arrested, if it happens then who would stand to fight so they need to make sure that everyone remains safe because people are being judged by their race. A women comes mentioning she has always prayed that Bhim lives longer then her own son but after what he has done then she is going to curse him that he dies, Rama requests her to not curse Bhim but the lady says that his actions has ruined al of their dreams and they do not know what is the night or the day, she gets emotional telling Bhim Rao he has not done the right thing. Bhim gets really saddened by it and also starts crying so Rama wipes of his tears while he slowly calms down, Rama says that there are very less tears that come due to the love of someone so she asks him to come, Bhim Rao leaves.

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Landlord says this si the first time that the people of Bhim Rao race are against him and they would not get the second chance, Landlord explains he knows Bhim Rao is not going to back out from the statement that he wrote it, the son of Landlord says that the strength f Bhim were the people from his race but they have to make sure this becomes his weakness and one day when the light of Bhim Rao ends then everything is going to be secure. Sethji says that there is only way that they cannot let Bhim Rao win this fight of the prisoner Puran, landlord suggests they can make it very big so Bhim Rao fails even after trying a lot, after which the leader that he is becoming like amongst people from his own class then he would after all this scenario become just a normal person. Sethji vows to not let Bhim Rao win no matter what they have to do for the cause.

Ramji is sitting while being very tensed along with the entire neighborhood while Bhim Rao enters the Chawl but the Inspector asks Bhim Rao to stop warning that he is not going to talk about the prisoner Puran but the Inspector refuses however when Bhim Rao does not stop then the Inspector takes out his gun, saying then he should die and he points the gun at Bhim Rao with which he hits him, Ramji is shocked to see that his son Bhim Ro has fallen down along with the rest of the family members. Jija Bai suddenly asks Ramji what has happened to him, he turns around to see how everyone is looking at him when the neighbor ask what if something has happened to Bhim.

Bhim Rao returns with Rama when Ramji goes to check if Bhim Rao is fine so he asks what has happened and questions if everyone is fine, they all are just staring at him. Ramji says everyone from the Chawl has decided that Bhim would neither talk about Puran nor fight for him, Bhim says that they had already talked about it but Ramji replies Bhim just said his point however he does not want to accept it. Jija Bai comes asking everyone from the chawl who want Bhim Rao to stop this fight, everyone from the Chawl raise their hands including the brothers of Bhim Rao along with his sisters and even his aunt. Bhim is shocked to see that even his own family has turned against him. Jija Bai asks Bhim to see that this si the decision of the people from the Chawl in which he lives. They say it is not only with those who are against Bhim but even the people are stand with him including his father Ramji. The aunt calls Bhim telling him to let it go this time, Bhim tries to walk inside but Jija Bai says today even she will see if his stubbornness or the desires of the people from the Chawl are more important for him.