Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rama leaves to find some work

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Karuna is working in the kitchen when she notices that the masala is still in the pan and checking the pan she gets a bit furious, Karuna stops Rama questioning what is it and asks if she made the vegetable, Karuna asks if Rama made this dish with her own money and fed her father, Rama replies she brought them separately and her husband told them all that they would not be burdened with the expense of feeding him, Karuna checks the hand of Rama saying they did not burn which worries Rama, Karuna says with what did she make the dish as she did not burn the wood, Karuna blames that Rama and her husband just deceive everyone, while she would have made the food when they all were not here so Rama who claims to be following the orders of her husband is actually a liar, she demands that Rama should apologize to them, Ramji enters asking what is going on here, Karuna says that Rama should apologize holding her hand and bowing before them, Bua demands Karuna should leave the hand when Jija Bai asks why would she leave the hands when Karuna has caught a thief, Ramji says Karuna is the eldest daughter in law of this house but she actually has the lowest mind, Lakshmi also demands Karuna should let go of Rama’s hand. Bala asks what is all this as everyone is trying to prove that his wife is wrong when they donot know the entire truth, Rama accepts that she is wrong and a thief, Karuna asks Rama to tell everyone when she apologizes that she made a mistake by using their wood to make the food for Puran Kaka, Rama assures she will pay them for the wood and asks Karuna to tell her the amount which she owes, she leaves while Karuna says if everyone are thinking of scolding her so they should know she is not bothered, Bala asks why would anyone say when Bhim himself assured he would take the expense of Puran kaka, Bala leaves with Karuna when Ramji wonders what is going on in their house, Jija Bai says she is amazed as they are so calm when it relates to Bhim and Rama.

Bhim is standing when Sethji asks if he was able to find the book, he suggests Bhim should go and complain at the police station, he says that Bhim would have to stay here until he comes back while he orders both the workers to leave when their time is over and he leaves. The worker says it is all the doing of Bhim and so he must wait to see how their boss defeats him, Bhim replies he would not suffer anything.

Rama while walking thinks that she would surely go back after finding the work as no one would blame her anymore and why can she say such bad things about her husband who always thinks of others.

Puran tells Deepak that Rama made the food for him like a daughter but she was being scolded, Deepak says that Ramji says that those people who are good suffer a lot of bad things and at the end everything gets sorted.

In the night everyone is standing when they wonder where did Rama go like this, Jaggu says she might have run away since they can neither see Rama, Bhim or even Deepak. Nandu sees Bhim coming back when he asks where is Rama, Phulari mentions that Rama ran away, Bhim gets worried asking what has happened when lakshmi informs him about the entire situation of how Karuna called her a thief, Bhim says that Karuna should not have done it as she is wrong, Bala stops Bhim demanding he should behave with Karuna as she is older then Rama and can scold her, Bhim replies that a lot of bad things are said about him which he hears quietly but he would not accept anything said about Rama, Bala gets furious asking what would Bhim do because they can say what is wrong, and Rama is not a young child that she ran away and if everyone thought that Rama was saying bad things then their entire society would be empty. Aanad says that Bala is taking a lot of side of Karuna and he must not forget that Bhim is younger then them both. Bala even scolds Aanad. Ramji assures they would talk about it but Bhim leaves saying that he would not hear anything against his wife, Phulari says that Bhim always talks of society but when it is relating to his own wife then he went away, Ramji says that she is right but he feels every husband should do the same, Jija Bai goes to Ramji asking why does he never do it for her and what mistake has Bala made. Ramji turns back to return when Puran stops him apologizing for whatever is happening, Ramji leaves saying he should not be worried.

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Bhim sits on a Tonga wondering where did Rama go and exclaims she should have come to him if she was tensed, he wonders where has she gone when they both are alone and have a lot of enemies. The aunt comes saying Rama is not alone and Deepak might be with her as she cannot find him anywhere which is why Bhim must not be worried because someone would have surely said something about him which she cannot bear and even he is not able to live without her. Sethji comes to Bhim saying he must come early tomorrow when the aunt says he is the boss but should have some peace of mind, Sethji replies they all are very tensed due to Bhim saying he is not bothered by what is happening to Bhim, he just needs to open the office early tomorrow.

Ramji explains he made a mistake as he should have taken the side of Rama and scolded, Jija Bai along with Karuna because now Rama would be thinking that she is weak, he exclaims he made a very big mistake. Jija Bai entering says he should make it right, she mentions Karuna is bringing the food that he must eat without any excuse so that she along with Bala and Karuna can feel he also has some relation with them. Karuna brings the Thali for Ramji who refuses to eat but Karuna mentions e would have to eat, Ramji gets up saying he does not want to eat however Karuna insists which makes him furious, Jija Bai asks if he would talk like this with their daughter in law and tries to force him to sit but he pushes the thali which falls on the floor. Karuna says this vegetable was from her money, Ramji apologies saying he will give the money, Karuna replies she does not want the money because if he starts doing it then it would turn this house into a market, he should let it remain a house. Jija Bai is smiling while Ramji gets tensed.