Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao brings Ramji back home.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Ramji tells Jijabai about his plan to visit the Maharaja, give them this money to free Bhim Rao form the deal then leave Bombay to a far area where he will live with Jijabai. Jijabai happily agrees. Vaijnath wants to know what Bhim Rao will do next.

Bhim Rao will wait for Ramji’s return, asks Rama to bring him the files. Rama questions because Rami doesn’t want him to work. Bhim Rao has things to deal with apart from Ramji’s wishes. Anand agrees with Bhim Rao, he needs to earn now. Bhim Rao asks everyone to leave him for a while, Rama brings him the files. She has hidden something from him, Ramji left to meet the Royal official to free Bhim Rao from scholarship deal. Bhim Rao questions, Rama apologize she was bound By Ramji’s promise. He depicts Ramji acting big on this. He takes Maloji with him.

Jijabai asks Ramji to treat her with the money he got, Ramji will treat her but with his own money. Jijabai is. Jijabai knows that Ramji is sad for parting ways with his son, but she is happy because for the first time they will live together forever.

Bhim Rao and Maloji search for Ramji.

Jijabai enjoys the delight; she offers some to Ramji, but he refuses. A man covering his face takes the money from Bhim Rao and runs. Jijabai runs after him; Ramji grabs him from the front. Ramji takes the mask off to find Maloji under it. He questions. Bhim Rao tells that Maloji made the only mistake by running. Maloji intended to stop Ramji. He leaves to let him and Ramji talk.

Bhim Rao questions Ramji about the money. Jijabai wants Bhim Rao to leave. He wants to know why Ramji was leaving. Ramji will do whatever he wants. Bhim Rao will work by will, Ramji should stop interfering. He asks about the money. Ramji got it from Vaijnath. Bhim Rao leaves with the money.

Bhim Rao returns Vaijnath the money asking him to leave his family alone. Vaijnath taunts Ramji for not completing his task. Bhim Rao will not listen to a word against his father and Vaijnath should avoid bribing his family members with money. Bhim Rao leaves. Vaijnath blames his son for not letting him kill Ramji. He thinks that murdering Bhim Rao’s family member is only way to get their ticket back in society.
Jijabai sits in anger and frustration. Hitesh comes to her to ignite her against the family. He tells that the entire family has only used Jijabai. Ramji took her to save Bhim Rao so than made her return. She is sitting outside alone. Jijabai lives the worst life in this chawl, has neither her husband nor son by her side, her family only uses her for their good.

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Rama sits beside Ramji while he contemplates through the files. Rama leaves as Ramji comes to talk to his son. Ramji says that deal was resolved once. Bhim Rao questions the need. Ramji considers Bhim Rao education necessary. Bhim Rao wants to know if Ramji leaving for it was necessary. Ramji wants Bhim Rao to succeed, for which he is willing to part ways with him forever. Ramji asks if Bhim Rao will leave. Bhim Rao will go to the Maharaja after returning these files. Ramji will leave before Ramji and this time Bhim Rao wont find him. Ramji leaves. Rama calms him, Bhim Rao questions, Ramji cannot argue with this.
Jijabai convinces Ramji to move somewhere else with her because Bhim Rao will not change his decision. There is a possibility of Bhim Rao letting the job go to carry family’s responsibility. Ramji will agree if Bhim Rao doesn’t till then he would do his best to stop Bhim Rao form going.

Next morning, Rama wakes up to Bhim Rao still working on the files. She asks if he worked all night. Bhim Rao wants to complete the work and move to Maharaja to end the chaos here. Rama asks him to think through Ramji’s perspective. Bhim Rao can not because Ramji thinks best for his son but right now the matter is about doing what’s right.

The Episode Ends.