Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shoba’s husband returns to chawl.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode begins with Jijabai being happy at Bhim Rao’s return. Meera asks Jijabai to give him money. Phuliya understands it being Meera’s tactic to know her truth. Meera tells everyone. Jijabai refuses to have money, Meera reminds her about the money she has kept in the locker. Shoba thinks that Jijabai refusing to give money will indicate her faking her illness but if she doesn’t that her illness is real. Ramji questions Meera why Jijabai would give money. A man comes to chawl, tells that he will give everyone money. People recognize him as Purushottam. Shoba forbids him from taking steps forward, she slaps him. Why return now when he left 12 years ago, she raised Deepak alone. Deepak questions Shoba about the man. Shoba leaves asking Deepak to come along. Purushottam tells Deepak that he is his father. Shoba comes to her room. Deepak threatens to hurt Purushottam, orders him to leave, there is no one except him and his mother. Bhim Rao calms Deepak, he refuses to acknowledge a stranger as his father. Bhim Rao takes the stone from his hand, he runs home.

Deepak comes to his mother, asks her not to worry, he is here for her.

Purushottam heard a lot about Bhim Rao, asks for his help. Bhim Rao asks him to come inside. Rama questions, him being slapped was nothing for what he did by disappearing for 12 years. Bhim Rao insists that Rama let him come in. Rama refuse. Hitesh tells that the chawl doesn’t belong to anyone, he calls Shoba to come outside and attend to her husband. Rama asks her not to, the man should not have any hope from her. Bala asks Rama to understand, Karuna questions him. Anand tells that Rama is wrong, Lakshmi thinks that Shoba is doing the right thing. Bhim Rao wants Shoba to talk to her. Rama doesn’t want to understand, she listens to everything he says but not this. Karuna agrees with Rama, there is nothing left to talk about when there is non trust. Purushottam has broken her trust, wants one last chance to fix everything with her, otherwise he will die. Rama questions him using death as an excuse, that the last thing men use. Karuna tells that Shoba dies every day, every second. Shoba has been fighting with people’s taunts for being abandoned by her husband. Meera agrees, Shoba could have died but didn’t because she had a child to raise. Hitesh refuses to let women decide rules of the chawl. Tells that Purushottam has right to meet his husband, asks him to go to Shoba. Rama, Karuna and Lakshmi stand in his path. Jijabai blames Rama for interfering in every matter, she should be thrown away. Ramji stops Jijabai. Joku threatens to use force. Bhim Rao forbid, Bala threatens to kill anyone touching females of his house. Purushottam wants to talk to Shoba. Bala and Anand ask Karuna and Lakshmi to free the way. They refuse. Bhim Rao asks Rama; she would listen if he insisted but he shouldn’t. Ramji asks them to talk to Shoba. Rama questions if they should talk to Shoba to convince her. Bala and Anand forcefully bring Lakshmi and Karuna back. Bhim Rao asks Rama to return. She will back off only if he forces. Bhim Rao steps towards her. Hitesh taunts Ramji for satisfying his male ego like Joku and everyone else. Bhim Rao grabs Rama’s hand. Ramji was about to stop him; Jijabai tells that Bhim Rao is like everyone else. Bhim Rao grabs both her hands, he could have dragged her form here but that would have altered the topic. Not everything is to be meddled in, requests her to let Shoba and her husband talk this out. He lets go of her hands and sends Purushottam inside to talk to Shoba.

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Ramji reminds Jijabai about Bhim Rao being his son. He knows how to face every challenge.

The Episode Ends.