Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update: David stops the doctor from helping Bhim Rao.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode begins with Meera and Anand reaching the stream to Ramji and others. Everyone is fainted. Ramji tells that Bhim Rao has gone to bring a doctor.

David enters doctor’s office with tea. Doctor refuse, he has to reach a lake as there are few patients waiting for him. David knows that Bhim Rao and Rama are waiting for him outside. David insists him to sit down, or the doctor will use his job. The doctor sits down silently.

Bhim Rao wonders why doctor hasn’t come. An assistant gives Bhim Rao a medicine for the patients. Bhim Rao asks about the doctor. Assistant replies that he got busy in an emergency case but will catch with them late. Bhim Rao and Rama leave with the medicine.

David informs Doctor about his rift with Bhim Rao, a lower caste citizen. Doctor questions David for sending water instead of medicine, it can cause death of innocent life. Joshi agrees, Varchand asks doctor not to worry.

Rama brings the medicine. Ramji questions why doctor isn’t here. Bhim Rao assures that he will come after completing his surgery. They start giving medicine to everyone.

David orders doctor to delay the matter as much as they can. He must give them medicine slowly, it will work but the ones who drank the water will die. Joshi and Varchand leaves.

Bhim Rao waiting for the doctor becomes skeptical, something is wrong. Bhim Rao notices Joshi’s time watch near the lake, he figures that everything was Joshi’s doing. Bhim Rao tells Rama that the medicine will not work. They need to take everyone to hospital. Ramji questions how. Joshi intervenes questions Bhim Rao, asks how any transport mobile will come to this lake. Ramji has a solution; he tells everyone about it. Bhim Rao takes Rama with him. Joshi taunts everyone for their fate, not getting water than die from drinking it. Varchand considers them a burden on this world. Joshi suggests Ramji to let a few people die, it will be a relief for them. Bhim Rao can not let anyone die. He brought stretchers to carry the fainted. With help od stretchers they carry the chawl members to hospital.

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Joshi and Varchand informs David how Bhim Rao figured that the medicines were fake. They took chawl members to hospital, there the doctors will treat them. David asks everyone to sit and wait for him to get ready. Joshi and Varchand argues but were left by David to wait for him.

The hospital staff asked Bhim Rao to keep the patients outside, the hospital is over crowded right now. Bhim Rao argues, tells him that his medicines were fake. The assistant and Bhim Rao got in an argument. Ramji stops Bhim Rao, said that they must bring other members here instead.

David informs Joshi and Varchand that the hospital will not treat Bhim Rao’s people. He will then understand that people of his category require funding. David will not fund this time; he wants everyone to die.

Everyone has been brought to the hospital. Bhim Rao goes to talk to the hospital staff. The assistant stops Bhim Rao, the doctor isn’t available to treat Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao questions. The assistant asks Bhim Rao to treat the patients himself, he shuts the hospital doors on him. The chawl members knocks the door to have it opened. Joshi stops asking them to follow hospital’s rule to maintain silence. Bhim Rao leaves to find another doctor. Joshi tells everyone that this closed door is an example that they will witness every opportunity to be a dead end to them. They will have no opportunity, or hope left, the shut doors will frighten them. Rama starts knocking the door again. Joshi asks Ramji to speak something about the people who are about to die, because, he and Bhim Rao will be responsible for the deaths.