Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Karuna tries to instigate Bala

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Ramji says he will talk later with Bhim but Karuna says he is the elder of the house so should say it right now, Bhim also mentions they all are a family when Ramji says that if Puran lives here then Bhim would have to pay for his expenses, Aanad asks what is Ramji saying since the three brothers have not thought like this but Bhim agrees with Ramji saying that Puran kaka came here because of him so he should be the one to take his responsibility. Bhim says he has to leave for his office, Rama stops him and going inside brings his book saying he should read it if he gets the time, Lakshmi asks Bhim to not be worried as she is working and Aanad would also get a job but he should not be worried about what anyone says, Bhim asks what is there to feel bad about as Baba has said what is true and at the right moment, Bhim mentions he is holding his desire and future while standing in front of him is his responsibility which is the fight of life and he is always going to fight it. Bhim mentions he is also going to earn and will pay for the expense of Puran kaka which is not a big deal, Bhim says he is feeling bad because Puran kaka has gone to perform the last rites of his family while they are making his life a lot difficult. Bala asks if they are saying anything to him due to which it has become difficult, Bhim says make someones life difficult is also a crime and against the humanity, he says the biggest pooja should be to make someone else life a bit easier which is for they should fight, Bhim mentions this is what he is going to live and fight for the rest of his life. Bhim explains he is indeed getting very late and so is going to his work but promises that no one from them would have to pay anything for Puran kaka, saying the expense of a single person is not so much that it would cause disturbance to them. Bua prays that Bhim should become so strong that he can fight a lot, Bhim leaves. Ramji tells Bala he told Bhim and even got the answer but now Bala would not have any problem when Bala says he talked of everyone benefit however Ramji is saying as if he talked of something for his own benefit. Bala angrily leaves while Aanad turns to follow him but Karuna says that he should let Bala stay alone. Ramji asks Rama to make tea for everyone including Puran. Jija Bai turning sees Bua and says she knows why Bua is sitting like this, that she would not talk with Karuna during her presence however exclaims that she has no problem and is going to talk with Karuna. Jija Bai orders Karuna to go and instigate Bala, mentioning she should make it into a volcano because if Bala gets furious then it would cause disturbance to the entire family, Karuna leaves agreeing with Jija Bai when she asks Bua to also go and if she feels like then should try to stop Bala from saying anything else otherwise she should just sit here and wait to see what happens, because they all thought they would make this house a place to praise Bhim, Jija Bai replies this house would just become a house filled with war of three brothers and their wives which she is going to make.

Bala is sitting outside the Chawl when Karuna sees him and remembers how Jija Bai asked her to go and instigate him even more so that he becomes a volcano, Karuna goes to Bala saying she knows he did not like it when how Baba said it to the elder of the house, he could have raised his objection in some other manner but she asks him to come, Bala asks if Karuna is seeing the instrument because ever since he held them in his hand, everything changed in his family and his younger brothers became more important. He has always given pain to everyone but Karuna replies she has been really happy because of him and felt just as Bhim always stands by Rama then Bala is also standing by her side, she thanks him when Bala also starts smiling saying Bhim would see what to do with Puran kaka and what should they care of it. Karuna mentions she was thinking he is the elder of this house and they are actually the owners so he should also be like this, Karuna says she is feeling he might be hurting hearing this but Bhim, Aanad and Lakshmi would not witness seeing him become the owner but she says that there is certainly another way that it can happen and all his pain, suffering would end. Bala while sitting starts ringing the instrument recalling what Ramji said to him regarding Bhim and how Karuna mentioned he is the elder of the house so should behave like it.

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Sethji is instructing the workers in the office when Bhim Rao enters so Sethji says they should clap for him as he returned after wining, Bhim says he is ready to work but if Sethji wants him to work with the gloves then he should give them to him, Sethji remembers how he planned with Meghnat that he should make Bhim work so much that he does not have time to study. Sethji asks Bhim to go and stand on the way to the station as someone is going to come and he has been told that someone would be waiting for him.

Rama brings tea for Puran when he asks about if Bhim has gone to work in the same place because they would really tease him, Rama says that Bhim would not leave working there as he feels that people tend to live better in a place where there are thorns and he would manage to win the fight. Puran says he has become a burden on them and would find work, Rama refuses explaining he should not think of working until he is mentally stable when she asks what does he like to eat, he says whatever she likes to make. Puran gets emotional when Rama asks the reason so he says that she just felt like his daughter as she would also ask him but Rama replies that now today only what he likes would be made so he tells the vegetable when Rama replies even her father liked it. Rama is called by the aunt who says that her father died when sh was young then how does she know what he liked to eat, Rama replies she is lying because Puran has lost all of his relations but if he gets a hope that someone is close to him then would be relieved, the aunt tells Rama she has become just like Bhim as she also feels to work and make sure that the relations are close to each other. Lakshmi hearing their conversation thinks that Rama is right, she vows to also not ruin her relations with Karuna.

Bhim is standing wondering why did the guests not come till now, Phulari says that no one will come and they all are just doing it to make a fool of him which she understood but not Bhim who is so well educated. Bhim is worried.