Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Bhim tries to convince Rama

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Meera Bua asks how much is Rama going to cry, Bhim says he can understand that Rama has lost her ability to remain calm and it is not easy, he says she supports him whenever he breaks down so now he is by her side, he asks Rama to come but she keeps sitting there crying. Bhim gets up to ask her after which Rama finally leaves to enter the room with him, Meera Bua is also crying thinking she wants to see peace in this house before she dies, she is not able to control herself.

Shishupal is walking in front of his hut while looking at the house of his father Meghnath, Shamla comes asking what has happened at which he is looking, he replies he is looking at that from tomorrow the entrance of both of their houses not become the same, Meghnath coming to Shishupal asks what is he saying as what is the difference between the entrances of both their houses, Shishupal replies he does not know what is in his entrance that the one who is less wealthy then him is scared while the wealthier tries to scare him but everyone who comes to his house becomes the same and when they leave after getting education then their respect increases but if tomorrow the education stops then who knows if he would get the same level of peace and satisfaction, Meghnath laughs he has felt nice seeing him worried about tomorrow, so Shishupal should remain like this while he would sleep, he leaves after wishing Shishupal good night, Shamla says she knows this night is very touch but it is in such nights that they find it so he should let it pass,

Bhim is sitting with Rama who says she would not be able to live anymore and even she has a limit to bear it so cannot do it anymore, Bhim suggests she should sleep but Rama replies she would not be able to sleep, he replies that if she tries then would fall asleep and even offers to try and make her fall to sleep but Rama refuses but Bhim forces her to lie down and then starts massaging her head saying she does not seem like while crying therefor must fall asleep. Bhim stops when he feels she has fallen asleep sot hen he covers her with the cloth even more before walking out of the room. Bhim starts to pick the torn piece of papers recalling how the Inspector said they can close any place that they have a suspicion on for working against the government, Bhim thinks this is what the broke and ruined and now these torn papers and things will join the hope of education, he is feeling that this night is of severe endurance, Nandu thinks he has been in this chawl for so long and everyone thinks about sleeping in the night while Bhim Rao always thinks about the betterment of others and talk of them, while even in the night talks of the morning.

In the morning Rama slowly wakes up from the sun when she is shocked to see Bhim sitting by her side, she sits up asking why is he awake and did he wake early, he replies he did not sleep so what is the point in waking, Rama asks why did he not sleep, he replies whose wife sleeps while crying then every husband should stay awake so they can wipe the tears, Rama quickly tries to leave when Bhim asks if she is fine, she recalls when Jija Bai said that both of their lives would also be like the problematic, Bhim asks if she would not talk about leaving, Rama says she cannot fight anymore and if Jija Bai or Karuna stay happy if they leave then so be it, Bhim says even other people live in this house who want them to stay, Rama says they have to go to the hospital for now, Meera Bua says to Rama she has put the tea which needs to be looked after, Jija Bai enters the room asking Meera Bua what happened, saying they only get tears after the day ends but she is crying even in the morning, Meera Bua says that it is difficult to understand what the person feels in the heart and the level of pain they are feeling, while if they person remains the same even after getting the sleep then they should think they person has the most pain. Meera Bua informs Rama is crying the same and she is saying she does not want to live in this house, Jija Bua gets excited Meera Bua has said a very good thing and should she go tell everyone that Rama herself is leaving, Meera bua warns her to not tell anyone and she will not ler Rama leave the house, but it is a talk of later and that the walls of the house get weak if someone leaves and it is necessary that they all stay together, Jija Bai leaves saying she desires they all get away from her.

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In the morning Meghnath is thinking about what Shishupal said to him in the night that he might get the same level of peace that he gets from this hut, Shishupal and Shamla come out when Meghnath thinks he will not Bhim snatch his son.

Meghnath stops the people of the lower class walking to the police station saying it is not of any point to talk with them but they say they are going in such a hurry so no one is able to say that Bhim does not have any supporters, Meghnath says they all are fools, Shishupal replies that Bhim used to fight every battle alone but now the warriors are going before him so in this case the leader becomes very just which is the case with Bhim.

The people are walking towards the police station, the officer informs Kulkarni that Bhim called him here when he says if the officer desires that Bhim does not do the work of educating people then he will not do it, the supporters of Bhim are walking towards the police station. The constable says the people who used to study are coming, Kulkarni orders the constable to start firing as they reach the stairs after which they should file a case that the supporters came to attack the police station, the officer orders the constables to do exactly like that and they are pointing the guns at the supporters of Bhim who stop before reaching the stairs, Bhim stops them all