Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: David wins!


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode Joshi understands David’s concern but he is here for his society and culture. Joshi will not move from this place. Bhim Rao is well aware of the fact, thus, brought something for Joshi as well. Joshi takes the paper from Bhim Rao’s hand with disgust. He is astounded to read what’s written in it. His people question him. Rama taunts Joshi, says that Joshi takes some to read since he doesn’t have enough time to go to college. Bhim Rao requests Joshi to read it aloud for his friends. Varchand wants to know what the paper says. Joshi tears the paper apart considering it rubbish. He calls his friends to take form and be prepared for a fight. The men were about to attack when the news editor stops him.

He holds a copy of the letter Joshi tore apart. The man read the attackers name, as an evidence that if Maharaj’s orders are not followed everyone will go to jail, David is given the responsibility. Joshi questions the editor for accusing him of violating rule. Bhim Rao informs that the another law has been set, the lower caste will not touch upper caste’s well. The upper caste will do the honors for the lower caste. The men agree to give lower caste water owing to their fear of being imprisoned. Joshi tries to stop his men, questions David for not having any control. Varchand taunt David, they made a mistake by considering him someone powerful. David shouts at them, Joshi clarifies that they are not his enemy. The editor allows everyone to take water from the well. Shoba and others lean forward. Joshi shout at them. Bhim Rao asks everyone not to listen to Joshi. Rama stops Bhim Rao. Ramji and everyone else will bring water for him. Joshi stops everyone, the lower caste will not touch the well. He asks his men to bring water. David smiles, Varchand and Joshi questions him for it.

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The man who went to bring water discovered a dead dog in the well. Ramji calls them a liar. The editor went to check and approves about the presence of a dead dog. David taunts Bhim Rao’s unlucky fate. Despite of all the efforts, Bhim Rao didn’t get the water. Joshi appreciates David for his intellectual capabilities. Joshi allows the lower caste to take water form this well. David reminds Bhim Rao about the two innings rule in cricket. The match ends after it. David found something fishy in Bhim Rao leaving the scene so he waited for everyone to sleep at night, its then when he dumped a dead dog in the well. Bhim Rao’s struggle and aptitude went to waste here, he only got disappointment and embarrassment in return. Joshi has never met anyone better than David. David didn’t make the mistake of considering Bhim Rao weak. Varchand congratulates David for the win, they leave afterwards.

Jijabai waits for everyone to return; she is angry thinking about Bhim Rao’s win. She wonders when she hears the news of Bhim Rao’s defeat. Hitesh comes in telling that Bhim Rao lost. Jijabai goes to him. Hitesh laughs at Meera and Anand’s face. Jijabai asks him to tell the details. Hitesh informs what happened and how David outshined Bhim Rao in his scheme. They can not take water from a well that has a dead dog in it.

The chawl members stand in despair in front of the well. Rama asks what to do next.