Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: The people stop Bhim Rao.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Jijabai condemns Jijabai, she questions, she asked for nothing more than love. Ramji pities her, he has never been dishonest with her, she wanted him to be hers only. Ramji is a father and a brother as well. Jijabai has all the rights to ask him to be hers only. Bhim Rao is leaving. Ramji has no option but he still doesn’t want Bhim Rao to leave. Jijabai asks him to go as soon as possible before Ramji does something else. Rama stops Jijabai from being bitter. They all leave. Jijabai will teach everyone their right position once Bhim Rao leaves.

Bala apologizes to Bhim Rao for not being able to help him. Anand and everyone else wanted to Bhim Rao to continue his education. Karuna assures that he will get the best. Janardan asks Bhim Rao to leave already, Rama insists to accompany him till the station. Bhim Rao leaves with the Official. Janardan and everyone want to celebrate Bhim Rao leaving, they consider themselves free now. Vaijnath stops Bhim Rao, calls chawl members outside. Vaijnath came to pay Bhim Rao one last visit. He taunts Bhim Rao for looking at them with anger, Vaijnath is helpless, and Bhim Rao’s work is undone without them. Rama asks him to speak. Vaijnath tells that no one wants Bhim Rao to stay with them forever, like Jijabai. Few people might support him but not many. Shishupal questions Bhim Rao for being silent. Bhim Rao wonders why the Offical who came to pick him is silent. The official asks Vaijnath and Shishupal to leave. Shishupal degrades Bhim Rao calling him useless. Vaijnath tells that the lower cast knows that Bhim Rao is running away for money.

Bhim Rao was on his way to the station when group pf lower caste stops the car calling for Bhim Rao. The official threatens them with punishment. Peole refuse to move, they need their chief Bhim Rao. The people cannot live without him. Vaijnath stops them, orders the people to move. The people tell that the Maharaja will find another man for the job but they will never get another person like Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao tells that the Official is not wrong. The men knows that Bhim Rao has other aspirations, he wants to go abroad for further education. Rama tells Vaijnath that he made a mistake by telling the lower caste. The lower cast has been running forever, not anymore. They all sit on a protest. Vaijnath calls it Bhim Rao’s plan. Bhim Rao begs his people to move aside, otherwise their love would be turned into hatred. The people stand up begging the Offical to either not take Bhim Rao or take everyone with him. Deepak sees and runs towards chawl.

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In the chawl, Janardan and his friends were celebrating. They thank Jijabai for everything. Bala requests them to stop. Deepak rushes to chawl informing Ramji what happened. They left. Bala taunts Janardan asking them to dance, Bhim Rao will return. Jijabai questions, the Maharaja will not listen to Bhim Rao every time.

The official questions while the people plead. Ramji comes to him requesting as well. Vaijnath questions the Official for taking their request to the Maharaja. The official stops Vaijnath from ordering him. Everyone requests the official. Bhim Rao is helpless here. The Official agrees allowing one of them to talk to the Maharaja. Ramji sends Rama to talk on their behalf, Ramji will only accompany her. Shishupal questions the Official for letting a lower caste meet The Maharaja. Bhim Rao tells that it should be a daily practice.

The Episode Ends.